Women and Exercise – 5 Things to Avoid during Your Training Period!

It is true that the world of exercise and fitness at the start were almost exclusively devoted to men, but this idea has changed in the recent years. Now women also get involved in exercising on par with male and have achieved good results but they more tend to shape the body rather than bulking up like men. Refer to this venus factor program to discover how fat loss exercises work for women. However, there are still some things among ladies which cause them occasionally cannot develop their full potential or they may not even meet their objectives either. If you are about to start your experience in the fitness and exercise, read these tips on how to avoid typical mistakes of training for women which they usually make.

1 – Don’t go to the gym without goals or plans

This advice holds true for anyone, but especially it is for women because generally believed that simply by going to the gym and doing some machines and cables and a lot of aerobics will achieve anything you set in your mind, well, it is not so. People go to the gym to lose weight, to tone body, to increase aerobic capacity and to build muscle mass as well. So you have to determine what your objective is or rather what your objective should be. You can go through a medical examination, talk to the trainers and choose the right routine as per your need and put it into practice in the gym.

2 – Don’t Train Just Aerobics!

It is very common among women to have allergy with weights fearing that the weights might give them a masculine look in an unpleasant way because it is a sheer mistake. The correctly performed exercises with dumbbells and routines of various series of high repetitions with lightweight accentuate the feminine lines and enhance your appearance. It is more than clear that aerobics are necessary, but weight training is necessary too. You must arm yourself weight training that includes free weights, machines and cables, and then you dedicate yourself to aerobics.

3 – Don’t Use Gym like a Social Site!

Well, women are always talkative. It is quite easy to make friends in the gym with the ones who come at the same time on the same days as you do and you may end up spend most of the time talking about everything forgetting that they have come to gym for workout. It will be fabulous if you get a friend to be your training partner, but only if you leave talking for the break or after the workout.

4 – Don’t Ignore or Reduce Your Exercise Time!

It is natural that the women who have kids as well as and jobs, it is too tough to tough to take time out of your day and it is one of the reasons why you have gained weight and lost much of your lovely figure. If you do not handle this situation, nobody will do it for you as well. You must set aside at least three hours a week of fitness for grooming and shaping your body and believe that this time is for you. You have to divide the chores with your partner, family or friends and take the necessary time to improve your health and aesthetics.

5 – Never Give in!

This part is perhaps the most difficult. In my experience in gyms, it is much more common to see women leave routines. The reasons are many as;

  • Lack of time
  • Lack of results
  • Lack of motivation
  • Some even feel intimidated by the atmosphere of the gym

You must persist on your time for the gym, so the results are as per your desire but the results may take a while depending on your goals, but you must be patient and persevere. Moreover, choosing the right gym for you will be a psychological incentive for gym days as you feel the enthusiasm on workout days.


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