VISUAL IMPACT MUSCLE BUILDING e-book by Rusty Moore a Scam or Legit ?



visual impact muscle buildingVisual Impact Muscle Building is an electronic book by Rusty Moore which offers a six month plan to gain muscular physique like Hollywood or WWE celebrities. It is a total physical workout program that does not require any nutrition, supplements or medication. The main theme behind this program is that a muscular body does not always need to be a macho type, as it is not much admired by most of the women. This program aims to b uild an admirable muscular physique that is not too big to scare or look weird but would be visually appealing. It is made up of 3 components; the main guide of 75 pages, the exercise library of 227 pages and workout sheets.

About Rusty Moorevisual impact muscle building

Rusty Moore is a famous American fitness trainer and consultant. He started as an over-weighed man but with a full packaged hard work, he gained a sharp and muscular physique. He compiled his 23 years of experience in fitness and muscle building in a package named ‘Visual Impact Muscle Building’.

How It Works?

Visual Impact Muscle Building focuses on;

  • Sarcoplasmic Hypertrophy that is Muscle Fluid Growth
  • Myofibriller Hypertrophy that is Muscle Fiber Growth

It works in 3 phases. Moore calls the process of these 3 phases as The Synergistic Effect;

  1. Phase 1: This phase is the phase of Sarcoplasmic growth in which cumulative effect is utilized to build muscles faster.
  2. Phase 2: This phase is the Hybrid Phase in which sarcoplasmic hypertrophy and myofibriller hypertrophy are targeted by utilizing the suggested combination of workouts.
  3. Phase 3 : This phase is solely myofibriller hypertrophy phase in which properly aligned muscles are produced that stay forever.


  • Rusty Moore offers a 60 day no-risk money back guarantee for his e-book.


  • This program is available in online stores in PDF format only.
  • This program is a six-month long process of muscle building and is not suitable for those who want a quick result.
  • It requires consistent hard work and commitment from user.


  • This program is a multi-phased plan that does not require the user to work out in the gym or buy exercise equipments even at home.
  • The diversity of exercises increases the choice for the user. If the user is not satisfied with one exercise, he can opt for any other from exercise sheet.
  • The user needs to work out less than an hour a day.
  • It offers only one supplement to be taken. The user does not need to spend thousand of dollars on supplements or energy drinks.
  • This program develops an ideal physique and does not leave the user to look like a meat head.
  • It is a complete package and does not leave anything related to fitness untold. It helps the user in understanding how to command one’s own muscles.

Is Visual Impact Muscle Building Scam?

With years of experience, Rusty Moore is a credible source for muscle building. He has covered all the possible aspects of muscle building and his product really works if followed with dedication and commitment. It is a complete package with which you really don’t require any other thing and on buying this program, you will definitely put your money in its right place.

visual impact muscle building
visual impact muscle building

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