Unsafe Habits Affecting The Health of Women

Every woman wants to be beautiful, happy and of course healthy. However, many women have unhealthy habits that somehow interfere with the right to lead life and brought a lot of problems. There are the some unhealthy female habits which are as follows:

1.Sleeping with makeup on face:
A considerable number of women are tempted to sleep with makeup on their face. However, leaving makeup before you sleep will leave dirt on the skin that may cause pores and leads to the inflammation. Sleep with mascara on the eyelashes, it is also very harmful. This may lead to irritation and redness.

2.Affects of Drinking Alcohol:
There are many cases of women as well as men drink from the first date to party with friends or colleagues. However, women are not only weigh less than men, but their bodies contain less fluid to dilute the alcohol. This means that women get drunk faster. To reduce the consumption of alcohol, try to dilute non-alcoholic cocktails and juices. If you know of someone who has a drinking problem get them alcohol addiction help immediately

3.Wearing Heavy Hand Bags:
With increasing number of gadgets and accessories, such as laptops, netbooks, most women around the world every day wear bags weighing several pounds while the negative effect of this will not be a lightning-fast, after a while you can feel the pain in your back and neck, as well as the deterioration of posture.

4.Wearing Slippers With High Heals:
Many girls and women prefer to wear long heels every day due to the small height, it will cause a negative impact on their health. High heels violate the posture and can lead to a variety of diseases, including arthritis, back pain and problems with the tendons.

5.Change of Mood Due To the Lack of Sleep:
Due to the lack of sleep in daily routine the appearance and looks become unhealthy and it feel worse and tired all day, it can also increase the risk of accidents and heart disease. A study conducted in United States found that women are more probable than men to give up sleep to take care of someone, such as baby or her elderly parents. Lack of sleep affects the mood of women and their blood pressure also. Mostly many of the women sacrifice their sleep to take care for her husband and children; many women put their own needs at last place in a series of economic needs and obligations.

First of all, you need to love yourself and find time to care for yourself and be able to say “no” to the suggestions and requests that may troubled you. Therefore, women should be sure to get enough sleep to stay healthy all day and make the necessary needs done for her family.

6.Wearing Uncomfortable bra size:
There is a research in United States that more then seventy percent of women are wearing the wrong bra size and that is a cause of many health problems for women, which includes back pain, neck and chest pain, shortness of breathing, impaired posture, skin irritation and poor circulation of blood. Set your exact size and make sure that your breasts get the necessary support.

7.Complex about Physical Imperfection:
While both sexes suffer from physical imperfection, women are more fixated on their ideas for the “ideal” body. The studies have found that 16 percent of women with normal or underweight consider their weight redundant. A survey conducted by the researchers has a research that ninety percent of women want to change their appearance to be looked as beautiful and gorgeous. This will uncertainty affect not only mental health, but it can also lead to physical disorders which can be caused by extreme dieting and beauty treatments.

8.Stress & Regret:
Stress is injurious to physical and mental health; probably the moods of many women are extremely stressful more probable than men. Mostly women are the patients of depression and anxieties. In addition, they are twice as likely regret to their former lovers and past relationships.

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