Tomato Juice Eliminates The Harmful Effects Of Alcohol

American researchers studied several years about the effects of fruits and vegetables consumption on the metabolism. Recently, they have discovered that the red juice accelerates elimination of alcohol from the body.

The test result shows that in the case of tomato juice, it drops the need of alcohol (the difference was around 30% reduction) and about the average, the alcohol in the body disappears completely after five hours with water and after four hours with tomato juice.

In the context of other research, scientists injected the specific molecules of tomato juice and a small amount of alcohol, noting that the activities of key enzymes of the liver were emphasized. However, experts stressed that a high consumption of tomatoes may not prevent the harmful effects of alcohol, if consumed in excess.

“After one or two glasses of alcohol, it is recommended to switch to something else and, why not, to the tomato juice”, which is concluded by the researchers to be effective for the natural health in eliminating the harmful effects of alcohol.

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