The New Beauty Super Oil: CBD

Cannabis has sprung up to have many benefits in both health and the beauty sphere. There is  a chemical compound known as THC which is renowned for its many benefits in the medical industry.

However, THC is mostly banned, unless it has a concentration below 0.3%. This is why, CBD comes into the picture. It doesn’t have any psychoactive properties and is legal almost everywhere. Also, with the legalisation of cannabis going widespread, one of the major side of cannabis has come to the boom- CBD aiding in beauty.

You may not even realise it, but many of the beauty products that we have been using are already infused with cannabis. Now that the properties of CBD are coming into light, more and more wellness companies have started incorporating the use of cannabis in their beauty products. For the people out there who are looking to refrain from cannabis, you don’t have to worry as these products don’t cause a high at all. They can actually turn out to be a miracle for your skin.

There is no harm in consuming marijuana seeds or applying CBD on your face as it is not going to do any bad to your body or skin. You’re not smoking it, remember that! CBD oil has anti-inflammatory properties which helps in treating injuries, eczema, acne and provide you soft and nourishing skin.

Both hemp oil and CBD oil are found in the beauty products. Hemp seed oil is extracted by processing hemp seeds. It has been found out that this oil can shield, moisturise and repair your skin. It is infused in a variety of products like lotions, soaps, makeup, hairstyling products, and even in makeup. There are a number of brands like The Body Shop, Marley Natural which make use of these oils. They also contain several antioxidants like carotene, vitamin E and other minerals.

CBD is similarly used like hemp oil. It is used to manufacture serums and moisturizers. A brand named CBD for life dedicates its entire range to CBD by using 99% pure CBD in its products. Many people have used CBD products and believe that it can drastically trim down the appearance of wrinkles, and helps in acne.

However, THC is mostly banned, unless it has a concentration below 0.3%. This is why, CBD comes into the picture. It doesn’t have any psychoactive properties and is legal almost everywhere.

Initially, Anita Roddick tried to make people aware about cannabis and how it is helpful for us. She continued fighting at the time where people merely considered it nothing more than an abusive drug. She tried to tell the people the difference between marijuana and industrial grade cannabis, which is hemp.

Benefits of CBD:

Though CBD bears numerable benefits for skin, let us see a few of them.

1.It aids in acne:

Like mentioned above, CBD helps to treat acne. After several experiments, dermatologists have concluded that it helps to treat acne. It has been found out that CBD permits the oil to release from skin pores, which otherwise remain glued to the skin, causing acne. Thus, CBD is found to be helpful in treating acne. All you need to do is apply some CBD oil or any other ointment infused with CBD.

2.It helps to prevent the signs of ageing:

CBD is loaded with antioxidants. It helps to breath a new life into the skin, and helps to make it look younger and supple. It also shields our skin from the harmful UV rays, free radicals, smoke and other pollutants. CBD ruins these free radicals which are the primary cause behind the occurrence of fine lines.

3.It helps to treat various other skin disorders:

CBD has been found to be effective in treating a number of skin problems like eczema, HPV outbreaks, moles and warts. A person is more likely to suffer from psoriasis, if there is some malfunctioning in their immune system. CBD enhances the working of the immune system and has inflammatory properties.

CBD’s benefits are not just limited to these. More and more researches are being conducted time and again to figure out various other potential benefits. It has been already been seen that cannabis products have turned out to be very promising. Furthermore, its widespread use depicts that it will be welcomed further in near future in the beauty industry.

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