The benefits of a shower chair

Asian young nurse supporting elderly patient disabled woman in using walker in hospital. Elderly patient care concept.

Getting old is not fun, however with the right planning, living out the last few golden years can really be golden instead of stressful and hard.

There are so many things that can be done that can simply make a seniors life that much easier. Taking a shower is very difficult for someone who has mobility issues as well as for someone who has difficulty getting up and down. Besides, the shower can be a very dangerous place for a senior being that it can get very slippery. Here are some items that can make the shower a safer place to be.

Standing in the shower for a senior can be very dangerous. The most obvious piece of equipment is a shower chair. They are made specially for the shower and can really be a great help. They are made out of materials that withstand all the water as well as being comfortable. A shower chair with a back can sometimes be much better than one without a back being that it gives some extra support. There are some that comes with side arms and some that don’t. so depending on the seniors situation the right one should be purchased.

Using a hand held shower head is also a very smart idea. The patient this way, doesn’t have to move around to get their whole body cleaned, rather the person helping can use the shower head to get all the necessary spots that have to be cleaned. This way, a senior can utilize a shower chair, sitting down and still take a nice good shower.

A transfer bench is also a very good idea for a senior with mobility issues. There is no need for them to have to step up into the shower, rather they can just sit on the bench and transfer themselves into the shower. This item also comes in many different options and it is key to make sure the right one is purchased. Sometimes even if the equipment is great, if the right one is not used it will not help as much.

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