The American Diet Tricks

The secret is in the preparation of pasta for a health living and their association with healthy ingredients, American amateurs with ease and their associated with healthy ingredients. Fish, fruits, vegetables and red wine are the other tricks they are using to give taste and tasting menus, load them without the calories.

The American lifestyle: American eat three times a day and only healthy food. Eating a Pizza? Occasionally eating once a week or even less often, and with tomato sauce, Zucchini Flowers, or slices of Zucchini and mozzarella.For eating pasta, preparation is often easy (cooked just seven minutes), mixed with a little olive oil, tomato juice and spices. Soup of vegetables and fish. Everything is seasoned with fresh vegetable salads. As dessert, a fruit. At lunch and at dinner,drink a glass of red dry wine.

Complete Fair Food With gaining weight: For the complete fair food it is necessary to take carbohydrates and fiber proteins with fiber (legume). Cook with olive oil and moderate in quantity. Eating at fixed hours and health portal are modest, their desserts are in fruit.

Diet tricks: To reduce the amount of pasta, add more vegetables in their preparation, carrot, leek, mushrooms, pumpkins and many Greens. Plead for the integral flour pasta.

A balanced meal: Vegetarian soup, pasta with vegetable salads, vegetables or salad with Eggplant and tomato over grilled with vegetable salad.

Restaurant Meal: Probably most of the restaurants have a meal with grilled vegetable and fruit salad.

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