THE 31 DAY FAT LOSS CURE - Scam Program by Vic Magary ?


31 day fat loss cure

The 31 Day Fat Loss Cure – Introduction

The 31 Day Fat Loss Cure is a diet and fitness program available as electronic book and videos. Devised, written and compiled by Vic Magary, this plan is based on the subject that a slim body is not a healthily fit body. Exercise is equally substantial. Therefore, this plan is based totally on natural and healthy diet with exercise workouts.

About the Author – Vic Magary

31 day fat loss cure
Vic Magary, being an ex-army soldier and martial artist in Karate and Taekwondo, is of the opinion that living on cave-man’s diet is a key to fit body. He discovered many fitness secrets while serving in army and compiled all those secrets in his e-book.

What The 31 Day Fat Loss Cure Actually Does?

This plan offers 10-30 pounds weight shed off within 31 days. The main theme of this product is based on caveman’s diet i.e. if caveman didn’t eat these foods, you should also avoid them. Its two-way strategy is based on the following approaches;

  • Professional nutrition plan suggests restricted use of processed food. Rather, healthy meals prepared with natural food combinations like super veggie spinach, tomato salsa, fruits and almonds, yogurt, eggs, salmon and blueberries that can settle down the disturbed operations of body.
  • A 15-20 minute scalable exercise workouts that would act as building blocks of lean muscles.


  • A 68-page manual for understanding the plan navigation
  • Beginner and advanced exercise program
  • A live video shoot in which Vic is teaching 3 different people
  • An interview with nutritionist Isabel De Los Rios in which she reveals fat losing secrets.
  • Two fat loss interrogations of 58 minutes each


31 Day Fat Loss Cure offers 100% 60-day money back guarantee from the day you buy the package.


  • The exercise workouts are neither tiring nor exhausting.
  • It works regardless of gender or age of user.
  • It provides diet and exercise program for beginners and advanced users.
  • The language of this program is very moral boosting and motivating.
  • Its guidelines are easy-to-understand.
  • If followed properly and continuously, this program can maintain the fitness of a person forever.
  • Exercises become easier for the user day-by-day.
  • It activates metabolism and apparent results can be seen in glowing skin and lighter body.


  • Some of its exercises may be tough for new and inexperienced comers as this plan requires a high level of dedication and continuous motivation.
  • This plan is hard to adopt as it restricts use of bread, grains and pasta and totally prohibits processed food.
  • Alcohol intake is totally prohibited. This product is not suitable for heavy alcohol addicts.
  • It totally prohibits some foods and might become problematic at parties and hangouts. One cannot give explanations every time.
  • The ebook is not available at stores. It can be bought online only.

Is 31 Day Fat Loss a Scam?

31 Day Fat Loss comes up with money back guarantee which proves its authenticity and legitimacy and the confidence of the author about product’s being highly effective. Vic Magary is a renowned person in the industry and one can believe in the authenticity of his name being associated with a product.

31 day fat loss cure
31 day fat loss cure

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