Suitable Diet Consumption At Right Time

suitable diet planFor eating healthy it is not enough to choose the right foods, but you also have to eat at the right time of the day. Following are some suitable foods for your diet plan with proper schedule:-

Orange juice is recommended during or after breakfast
Oranges are a source of vitamin C (50-60 mg / 100 g). Orange juice should not be taken on an empty stomach, as it is rich in citric acid, which irritates the stomach and causes ulcers fragile. It’s good to start with a “soft” breakfast food, such as dairy and grains foods for regulating the internal walls of the digestive organs and protect them from acid.

Consume fruits – except main meals (morning and / or afternoon)
Eating fruits between meals has two advantages: they are rich in fiber, water and fructose. In addition vitamins and minerals in the fruits are digested quickly and make you feel full. It also offers the possibility of eating fresh vegetables that are recommended five servings a day, which is difficult when you get vegetable meals each day but it has proven to be effective to stay healthy.

Consume Salad – as appetizer
It is rich in water (92%), and does not contain much fat (less than 0.5 lipids). Consumption of salad at the beginning of the meal ensures a certain fullness as it is rich in vitamins (C, B and E) and minerals. A classic vinaigrette tablespoon has 75 calories, and one with lemon yogurt sauce has only 10-15 kcal.

Pastries – for dessert
The pastry bowl combines with food is although high in fat, sugars fast and slow carbohydrates. Pastries cause a discharge of insulin in the blood, curbing your appetite, and their energy is stored by the body as fat. It is recommended to consume in the meal time but this should be consume moderately.

Pasta – in your dinner
Carbohydrates (pasta, bread, potatoes) are recommended after evening. After a day of physical and mental activity, enabling storage of carbohydrates ensures recovery of the body. In addition foods rich in carbohydrates also cover fat (cheese, butter, sausage, cream) products which can be digested easily without any emergency of health problems.

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