Stretch Marks Removal

stretch-marks-removalApproaching summer season, the skin is the most exposed to the view. If you want to have a smooth skin, without any stretch marks, then it is time to take action early. Find out how to keep away stretch marks and how you can treat!

Stretch mark – a permanent nightmare
Surely you could be one of those who are facing this problem, which gives you headaches. They occur when the first layer of skin suddenly breaks and leaves the lower layers of the skin spot. Stretch marks generally take place in the stage of pregnancy, in the teenage years or due to unpredicted weight gain. During pregnancy your body becomes accustomed with changes, the skin stretches day by day, and as a result hideous lines appeared on the breasts, thighs and abdomen. If you are in a constant battle with weight problem, stretch marks will not vacillate to appear. Losing weight can help them fade, but will not disappear entirely. At puberty accelerated development of the body determines the appearance of such lines.

Hydration plays an important role
Beginners-Guide-forStretch-Mark-RemovalIt is much easier to avoid the situation than to treat stretch marks. The first step is the hydration of organisms. Plenty of water consumption is especially recommended during the days of periods when you are at risk to them, such as pregnancy or periods of stillness when you know that you can become overweight. Another way out is handy massage for the reason that it helps to recover blood circulation. By massaging and moisturizing your skin will become more elastic and it will not appear stretch marks as easily.

Use skin products rich in vitamins
It is better to use certified creams and gels consistently which contains highly moisturizing effects. The most effective products must contain Vitamin E, Vitamin B5 and chamomile extract. These products help to prevent stretch marks, but also contribute to diminish existing ones.

Operation, the final solution
If you are not satisfied with the results offered by creams and gels, you can resort to cosmetic surgery. Laser treatments or deep exfoliation of the skin are just two of the solutions offered by doctors.

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