Slimming Cheating System To Get Smart

Have you heard of such a pleasant slimming system as cheating? If we translate the word “cheating” with the English language, we get a rather interesting word – “deception”, “fraud”. So who are we going to cheat? Do not worry about your ethics – it’s just about how to outsmart your body.

All those who at least once in their lives following a diet program knows that at the beginning weight goes pretty quickly, but then freezes for a unfaithful spot, and despite the fact that diet can become stiffer, rigid and tougher.

Appropriate diet plan for the improvement of metabolism
The human body is designed quite wisely; in response to reduced calorie naturally triggered a defensive reaction – when you start to live in a low-power mode, you can have a weakness, drowsiness. In short, the metabolism slows down. And at this moment you should follow an appropriate diet plan for the improvement of your metabolism. You can indulge yourself in a favorite treat! It is through a well-planned “collapse” in the metabolism continues to work at the same pace, you are full of energy and enthusiasm, and that is especially nice, the weight continues to decline.

The best creativeness
It is well thought out about improvisation, so we are not talking about uncontrolled eating sweets and fatty foods. WHAT IS – 70% of your diet should be based on proper nutrition, and only 30% – on various “high-calorie foods” such as cakes and fried potatoes. Limit consumption of animal fats. Staple food should be protein and complex carbohydrates: whole grain bread, vegetables and fruit. A coffee and alcohol should be strictly prohibited. – When cheating drink plenty of pure water – about a third more than the other days.

Afforded consumption of dietary intake

If cheating takes longer than two days, the caloric content can be increased only by 10-20%. For example, if you are taking the dietary intake of 1,200 calories, you can afford to the consumption of 1450 calories, a day of cheating. The days of the diet program should be based with regularity, it should be followed all individually, but there is a universal recommendation:

Day of immoderation during diet program of 12 weeks
Nutritionists advise spending 12 cycles of cheating, that is a diet for 12 weeks, once or twice a week, and you will arrange immoderation as cheating. As with any diet, the cheating has its “pros” and “cons.” Check it out before deciding to stick with the system.

Accelerates metabolism, improves mood, motivation remains high.

Cheating – it can be still stressful for the body, the digestive organs are overloaded, weaning yourself from proper way of consuming more calories, strictly following diet program that takes longer – its duration increases by about half.

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