Protect Your Skin In Summer And Enjoy A Healthy Life Style

In summer, the high temperatures make us willing to leave the body more discovered and consequently the skin is un protected.Therefore, to get that Tan in a healthy way, some important care should be taken.The lack of care when we leave our skin exposed to the Sun can cause many problems.

The number of skin cancer cases worldwide is a proof of that. The incidence of this type of cancer has increased a lot today. So, doctors increasingly direct their patients to examine the “pints” every six months, with the dermatologist of their confidence.


Melanoma: Melanoma is a type of skin cancer which is the most most dangerous skin disease, if it will be treated late the results will be lethal which means that it has a high mortality rate. Moreover some skin cancers such as basal cell and the cell which are less attacking which are not extremely dangerous like melanoma. But, if all of them can be prevented, it is important to disclose the necessary care.

Skin Tone: The clearer the skin tone, the greater will be the risk of person developing a skin cancer. Thus, the prolonged nakedness to the Sun should be in the period between 10 am to 4:0 pm, it is an important risk factor. Even with the use of sunscreen it is important to avoid unveiling to this range. The occurrence of sunburn of second degree, with the formation of bubbles optimize the symptoms of skin cancer, especially when these Burns occurred before 20 years of age.Some stains and spots can suffer malignant transformation and can be converted into a skin cancer.

Symptoms: Therefore, we must see if there is a change of shape, color and size of these, as well as having more attention to associated symptoms. Some stains and spots can suffer malignant transformation which can be converted into a skin cancer. Therefore, we must see if there is a change of shape, color and size of these, as well as having more attention to connected symptoms, such as pruritus (itching), burning, bleeding or the emergence of crusts (cones), on the surface of the lesions. All these changes have microscopic signs before becoming visible, hence the importance of the dermatological examination even in pints that seem “innocent”.

Sun Screens: It is also important to remember that today, with all the technological innovations, the sunscreens also help treat the skin and should be used with own vehicles for each skin type, because they avoid the emergence of allergies or acne, through the use of inappropriate creams for the skin type. They work by increasing the skin tolerability to the unhealthy reaction of ultraviolet radiation and can be used by most people.

Food Consumption With Vitamins: They are vitamin C,lycopene, beta-carotene,vitamin E, zinc, Polypodium leucotomos, among others. Usually like to associate to those that trigger the creation of collagens, rectifying skin firmness. Some foods containing these substances, can also be eaten with preventive effect, such as tomatoes, broccoli, carrot, papaya, acerola, among others.

Care to be reminded:
* Reapply sunscreen every two or three hours in exposed areas-face, hands, neck.
* Observe the stains and spots and check if there are any recent changes.
* Examine the stains and pints with your dermatologist, every six months.
* Wear hats and caps, as well as sunglasses.
* Prefer sites with shadows and drink lots of water to hydrate the skin that has been dehydrated in the Sun.

Now that you already know the tips, enjoy the best that summer has to offer. Remember: the Sun is not our enemy if we take some care.

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