Preventive Measures For Maintaining Physical Fitness

woman-doing-fitness-drillsFitness classes can help you to have a beautiful body, but if you forget about what you should eat and do not rest much as you should, then it will not delay wrinkles appear on your face. A healthy diet is fundamental to have a healthy skin.

‘’You have to eat vegetables and fruits that help to get collagen from lettuce and strawberries but donuts and sugary snacks destroy collagen and you will never have a firm skin,” says by American dermatologist. Likewise, if you do not exercise right, you will notice that your body ages and you will know the reason.


Planning your hours for sleep
It’s not enough to just do cardio at the gym, try to hook up with some yoga or stretching exercises. Consider the most common diet mistakes and sports prematurely aging you: Do not rest properly if you feel very tired after sports because then you can not sleep at night; it means that your body sends you signal that something is wrong. Doctors recommend planning your hours of sleep and to respect them as according to your diet plan and fitness classes.

Moderate coffee consumption
Drinking too much coffee is not suitable for your health, because caffeine has a negative affect on the skin and when the skin is dry, the chances of developing fine lines and wrinkles are much higher. However, moderate coffee consumption has no way to hurt you – this means no more than 300 milligrams of coffee a day.

Exercises with dumbbells
Woman Lifting DumbbellsIt’s good to stretch your muscles with dumbbells which can help you better. Peoples are very conscientious when it comes to stretching; it is recommended to all patients to do it more so as they age. Quitting sharply in fat and carbohydrates of a balanced diet, skin, hair and nails will suffer. Drastically reduce calories from your diet and you will deprive the body of important nutrients to stay healthy.

Enter your daily menu with vitamins
Dermatologists say that for good hydration, skin also needs fatty acids (that the body can not produce itself). Diet with low fat calories can lead to dry skin, hair loss and broken nails. So enter your daily menu with vitamins A, C and E (which is found in foods such as almonds, hazelnuts and spinach). Alkaline nutritionist of United States noticed her patients who ate products rich in alkaline minerals were skin and hair healthier than others.

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