Prevention Against Back Pain

backpain-symptomsSymptoms range from a tingling sensation to a dull aching pain. Acute pain usually comes on suddenly after an injury or physical activity. Remember that if you do not get better in three days it is an occasion to see a doctor. You should not delay visit to the clinic, if you have disorders of other organs or systems, as well as fever and weakness.

What Causes Back Pain?
First of all, extreme workout during exercise may cause muscle strain also work related to lifting heavy objects may be harmful. In some cases the violation of posture workout may result in severe pain. Discomfort in the lumbar region can become a difficult case.


Another major culprit of pain is herniated discs. This is quite a dangerous pathology, so as soon as possible, see a doctor. Diagnosis of the problem includes x-ray, computed tomography and nuclear magnetic resonance.Lower-Back-Pain

Back pain is usually found in people who are older than 30 and who are overweight or doing some heavy physical work. It is also under attack by those who lead inactive lifestyles.

How to treat back pain?
If you have a muscle strain, you can get help with heater or a warm water bath. When the pain is so strong that you find it hard to get up, you should take some time to recover for the horizontal position of your body.

prevention-against-back-painBut do not give yourself a long bed rest because the muscles lose their tone, and flexibility decreases. If the pain is tolerable, then you can get help with yoga. But to traditional medicine, acupuncture and healers should be treated with great care so as not to hurt you even more.

Therapeutic massage is indicated in most cases. It should only be done with a qualified specialist. To get rid of the pain, doctors sometimes recommend therapy by injection but the herniated disc is often treated only by surgery or effective course of physiotherapy.

How to prevent back pain?
Control your weight. Find time for light physical activity, at least three times a week. Gently lift heavy objects. This should be done by distributing the load on the legs, not on your back. Get a comfortable place for a back operation.

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