Pain Reduction With Natural Remedies

Pain-Relief-RemediesAccording to the statistics, over 20% of patients visit to the doctors because they are associated with back pain, joint pain, muscle pain and for the mental disorders. Very often, the pain becomes chronic. Therefore, patients have to take a number of different drugs. However, there are ways to relieve the pain without drugs.

More than 2 to 3 million American suffers from chronic pain and diseases; it is more than the total number of patients with diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Four out of five people will sooner or later face the pain and have to see a doctor.

But before you drink another pill for pain, you should try to deal with it with natural treatment as just given below. There are several symptoms that should be treated.

Muscle pain in the neck
neck-painMuscle pain in the neck can be caused by wearing weights, such as a heavy bag. To prevent muscle pain in the neck only carry those bags with normal weight not more than 3 kg.




Herniated disk
herinated-diskWhen the person jumps, the load on the spine increases 5 times and the friction of the vertebrae increases. As a result, the intervertebral discs are destroyed, their fragments fall into the intervertebral canal and thus it formed intervertebral hernia that caused pain in the back. Try using salicylic acid, which is the main active ingredient of aspirin which not only relieves pain, but also reduces inflammation. Use willow bark as an infusion, add 1 teaspoon (4-5 ml) to one cup of water, for 3 times a day.



Pain in the feet
pain-in-the-feetThis type of pain is usually accompanied in between the joints. The feet have a unique structure. Each foot contains 26 bones and many tendons and ligaments. Arch foot allows them to walk. But this wonderful mechanism can damage the person due to the excess weight or high heels, which increase the load on the feet and can cause damage and, as a consequence, acute pain. The constant presence of these negative impacts results in flattening the feet and the emergence of buds at the base of the thumb. Orthotics should be selected individually helping to correct the mechanics of your feet and will support them in the right position.


Tension and headache problems
tension-headache-problemsFor everyday almost 9 out of 10 women suffer with tension and headache which can cause depression. So for the relaxation with the start of physical activity before getting out of bed, pull on your knees to the chest and pull them as close to the nose. That will relax your lower back and improve circulation. Cobra exercise is also designed to relax the muscles and improve blood circulation; lying on your stomach, leaning your hands, pull up, keeping your hips off the floor. Squeeze your back, as if you are running to the sky. If you have a headache in the afternoon, you can make tea with ginger, turmeric and red pepper, which contains capsaicin, the natural pain reliever. Do not rush to take a pill; it is always possible to have time to try other ways to get rid of this unpleasant symptom.

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