Obesity and Other Hazzards – 6 Worst Food to Keep Out of Your Grocery Cart

Processed and Preserved Meat

thssSmoking, curing, salting, preserving or any other kind of processing contain chemical preservatives. According to American Institute of Cancer Research these processes can increased the risk of colon cancer. These products are also rich in fat, salt and cholesterol and are very low in fiber.

Frozen Meals

Although they look minute to minute-made, frozen foods are really loaded with calories. On average a chicken pot pie contains 54 grams of fat, and 1020 calories. Keeping these frozen foods low in fat, it is necessary to process them heavily. Often they are high in sodium that contributes in serious health conditions like High blood pressure, fluid retention, dehydration, heart and kidney diseases.


Possibly people should run from Dunkin and Krispy Kreme or any other popular and out selling shop of these dough bombs. These ready to eat doughnuts contain 3 unhealthy ingredients in a row, i.e. sugar, refined flour and trans fat. Most if not all contain gigantic 10 to 20 grams of fat each and around 250 empty calories.

Baked Potatoes, Hash Brown or Potato Chips

It is not an unknown fact that bad carbs filled with fats are bad for your waistline. Potato Chips, Hash brown, baked potatoes and even French fries contain acrylamide. Acrylamide is a known carcinogen formed in foods when baked or fried at high temperature and causes several types of cancer.

Low Fat Labeled Foods

Don’t judge a food by its label. Makers of salad dressings, yogurt and cookies labeled with low fat often sugar, salt and other harmful fillers to add taste, aroma, and even texture to otherwise bland processed products. So it is advisable to choose real low fat food instead of processed More fitness related info here.


Despite the fact that margarine is billed as a healthy alternative to butter just because it is cholesterol free. New research has shown that Margarine is the ultimate source of trans fats, which actually elevate cholesterol and damage the walls of blood vessels. So go for monounsaturated fats sources like olive oil.

Soda drinks

One of the easiest ways to pack on the pounds is drinking soda. A can of a cola drink contain 10 teaspoons of sugar. Drinking only two or 3 cans of soft drinks a week may increases the risk of pancreatic cancer. When it comes to risk of cardiovascular diseases and risk of diabetes, consuming sugary sodas every day means you are treading on the thin ice.


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