Nutrition Facts About Walnuts

Nutrition Facts About WalnutsU.S. scientists from the University of Arizona spent the study, during which studied the effects of walnuts on laboratory rodents. This was informed by “CNN news agency.” Throughout the expansion of the little mice received walnuts to be useful for your health and due to the fact that pregnant mothers fed them first, and then went on to give the entire feeding period. As shown in experiment, nut diet can halve the threat of emergent breast cancer.

If tumors in rodents appeared, they were not cancerous. Research of American professor elaborates the fact that women should consume 50-55 grams of walnuts on daily basis. But this review is all about anti-cancer belongings of walnuts. American examiners have originated that the insertion of walnuts in the diet deliberates tumor succession in prostate cancer and in mice it affects the genes controlling tumor growth and metabolism.

Additionally, walnuts diminish cholesterol and recover the state of the vessels, due to the reason of prosperous supply in polyunsaturated vegetable oils extorted from useful fatty acids. It is obligatory, however, to remember the approachable rule that everything is good in limitation. This is especially true for people who are overweight. They just need to keep in mind that even though nuts contain plant, but fat, so they should use them sparingly, observance in mind that for every 100 g of nuts has 60 grams of fat.

There are also negative aspects: heat destroys the beneficial fatty acids in nuts, as everyone knows; heated fats can form cancer-causing substances. Nuts can also initiate reactions because it has been proved that eating walnuts excessively will make you affected by reactions, and experts say that the reason is not in the walnuts, but it is about the microorganisms that live on it.

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