Myths About Nutrition

Myths about nutritionAbout nutrition and diets there are many reviews, but all of them are not true. Let’s clarify the following most frequently invoked “myths” about nutrition:-

Blood group role in weight loss
In fact, blood group has a role in weight loss. It is possible that people with a certain blood type are to be allergic or sensitive to certain foods. For example, people with blood group O are sensitivity to dairy products, so not in any case you will follow a yogurt diet.

Stress causes fat
Hormone triggered by stress leads to cravings and high consumption of carbohydrates, hence ugly fat deposited on the abdomen, hips or thighs.

Nutrition for good health
Balanced diet can be “risky” with more foods like pasta, fries, pizza, forbidden sweet fruits and red meat. Nutrition for good health should include all types of vitamins. So eat any fruits, vegetables and grains, along with moderate amounts of dairy products and low fat protein.

Perfect diet for everyone
Some people gets along very well with vegetarian diet, others do not survive without eating meat, at least occasionally, the ideal diet is determined by each body differently.

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