Myths About Hair Loss

myths-about-hair-lossHead Massage can diminish the risk of hair loss but there are some hair care products which gradually lead to the hair loss problem, even if you are willing to apply stronger measures to prevent hair loss do not lose hope. Find the following lines that how each myth is partly true!

1. Air conditioning can affect hair
Air conditioning can lead to the hair loss problem, which contributes to the downfall of hairs. As according to the experts people who spend a lot of time in air conditioned room their hair becomes drier and dull.

2. If your hair falls every day
When your hair falls each day you will get baldness (absence or loss of hair). The fact is that it is usual to reduce up 100 hairs on daily basis. However, if you have detected that day by day you are losing more and more hairs then it is best to go for a check with dermatologist. Under the circumstances of some diseases can also lead to the hair loss problem.

3. Hair waving or straightening
The process of straightening hairs could also lead to the downfall of hairs; the fact is that there is no direct link or any other requirement to use such straightening products on hairs. If you often use straightening or curling stuff then your hair can be affected. High temperature hair curling with ironing process leads to dryness, loss of shine, quantity and softness of hairs.

4. Massaging the scalp surface
Scalp massage not directly prevents the hair fall. But it can be beneficial for blood circulation and helps to regenerate hair. In addition, massage helps to remove impurities from the scalp; especially the rapid shampooing is not enough to remove them.

5. Frequent use of the dryer can cause hair loss
Studies to date have shown that regular use of hair dryer cause hair fall problems. People who use hair dryer can observe that hair becomes more fragile, with lacking vitality and shine. It is shown that the dryer should be kept at a greater distance from hair to get hairs protected.

6. Deficiency of vitamins
Lack of vitamins in the body can also lead to the hair loss problem.
This statement is partially true. It is known that only appropriate nutrition can help when it comes to the appearance of the hair. In most cases the lack of iron in the body can cause hair to become brittle and eventually fall. Hair loss occurs when the diet is rich in vitamin B, folic acid, sulfur, zinc. Essentials for hair expansion are vitamin A (carrots, sweet potatoes, oranges, mangoes), Vitamin B (bananas, beef, chicken, beans, whole grains), Vitamin C (oranges, tomatoes, red peppers, kiwi) and Vitamin E (almonds oils, whole grains).

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