MUSCLE GAINING SECRETS e-book by Jason Ferruggia a Scam ?


muscle gaining secrets
Comprising of 197 pages in total, muscle Gaining Secrets is an e-book written and compiled by Jason Ferruggia. This e-book is prepared with the idea that ordinary muscle building exercises and supplements does not fit hard gainers. Lean bodies with weak genetics for muscle building need special exercises and supplements to gain the ideal muscular physique. It suggests weight gaining workouts, a diet manual, workout log sheets and techniques of muscle enhancement in package of 15 guides.

How Muscle Gaining Secrets Work?

Muscle Building Secrets work on the theme that general muscle building exercises are not for everyone. As every individual has a different metabolism, similarly every individual has different genetics for building muscles. For hard gainers i.e. those having poor muscle building genetics, Muscle Gaining Secrets suggest;

  • A guide to exercise workouts at the gym and home both. These exercises do not require heavy instruments. The user would require just two or three exercise instruments which might be already present at his home.
  • A diet manual which contains recipes along with a descriptive explanation to why and how muscles are affected by specific types of diets.
  • Along with these main principles of muscle building, Jason has also explained some of the facts that confuse muscle builders like pumping muscles with high reps, effects of processed body building supplements, etc.

It comprises of 4 components;

  • The Training Manual: Comprising of three detailed programs, it is a straightforward manual for building muscles fast.
  • Workout Log Sheets: It is a 90 day step by step program to gain 27 pounds.
  • Nutrition Guide: A diet plan to strengthen muscles with nutrition.
  • Recipe Guide: It contains a lot of quick and easy-to-make recipes.

muscle gaining secrets

About Jason Ferruggia

Jason Ferruggia is one of America’s top fitness coaches. He was lean and had poor genetics for building muscles. He has a 15 years experience in muscle building and training. He has shared his muscle building secrets and techniques in this e-book for hard gainers


  • Jason offers online coaching for 30 days with this e-book.


  • With a 60-day 100% money refund, Jason seems to be quite confident about his product.


  • There is no quick-start guide. One has to go through the heavily explained information.
  • More focus on exercises for compound lift is kept which results in building few muscles only. Exercises that affect multiple muscles at a time are only a few in this e-book.
  • It requires working out six days a week which is quite tough for busy persons, especially job holders.


  • The workouts in this plan do not require the user to spend 3 or more hours in the gym daily.
  • It does not require any heavy steroid intake or expensive supplements.
  • Workout log sheet is a step by step training process that is equally suitable for beginners or advanced users.
  • Without heavy scientific jargon, this e-book is very easy-to-understand and is devised in a way as if the user is getting interpersonal counseling.
  • It is natural and safe to method of gaining weight and muscles.

Is Muscle Gaining Secrets a Scam?

Muscle Gaining Secrets is specially devised for the fellows with poor muscle building genetics. There are a lot of muscle building or weight gain products in the market for an ordinary physique. But Muscle Building Secrets, being special in its own kind, have very less competition in the market and is easily identifiable. Jason would definitely not take a risk of producing a scam product. You will opt for a specially devised product for lean muscles some day. Then why not today?

muscle gaining secrets

muscle gaining secrets

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