Light Salad Recipe

light-salad-recipeFor an optimal balance of fatty acids it is better to alternate the use of oils like olive crude, refined sunflower, soybean, corn, or any of them as according to your taste suitability. If you are actively losing weight, the amount of oil with the combination of salad must not be more than 1 tsp. Low-fat sour cream has tasty addition to vegetarian salads, but in dishes with meat, poultry or seafood it is better not to put.

The food is on schedule: The meal is also playing an imperative role. For example, to prepare a vegetable salad for breakfast is not suitable: the morning time is more appropriate for starchy foods – cereals, pasta from durum wheat. But for the lunch, starting with a light salad is a great idea. The portion of fresh vegetables rich in fiber not only nourishes, but also avoids overdose and eventually fills considerable part of the stomach.

As for dinner, there is no definitive recommendation. Light meal, fruit salad or snack during the day can be used. A mixture of all types of fruit and berries is not only delicious, but also very useful. In addition the energy from dried fruits value is the same as that of the fresh counterparts, but they are much less saturated. And do not forget that the fruits are rich in sugars, so for the portion of salad, it is better to limit the intake up to 200-250 g.

Caution: The main danger lies in women with high-calorie filling. If you are accustomed to the fat sour cream or mayonnaise, even with the combination of most light salad of greens, you will not be able to lose weight! The fact is that classical mayonnaise energy value is more than 600 Kcal – almost twice larger than chocolates and fat ranges from 30% to 68%.

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