JUMP MANUAL - Vertical Jump Program by Jacob Hiller a Scam ?

JUMP MANUAL – Jacob Hiller’s Scam ?

Does Jump Manual Make You a Perfectionist In Vertical Jumping?

jump manual
jump manual
Jump Manual is a guide formatted in PDF by Jacob Hiller. Comprising of a fitness workout chart, a diet plan, a video library for training and one to one email counseling with the author, this e-book is meant to maximize and boost up the vertical jump in short time. With this plan, up to 10-25 inch increment in vertical jump can be achieved. This plan is specially built for the athletes and sportsmen to gain a mega increment in their vertical launch.

About Jacob Hiller

Jacob Hiller, the author, is a certified trainer and a performance enhancement coach. He has trained high school and college teams, NBA, Olympic athletes as well as professional Dunkers. An expert in 40+ verticals, he has been training for over ten years. He is a former basketball player.

What Does Jump Manual Do?

Jump Manual is devised on two basic themes. The first one is that improvement in jumping vertically can never be achieved unless the positioning is inaccurate and the second theme is that a vertical jumper has to keep his body posture in perfect alignment. The nutrition of jumper adds a lot in keeping his body ideal and intact. Jump Manual works as;

  • How the practice and training affects vertical jumping and what are the perfect training methods? For this purpose a video library is developed for the users to have a perfect approach to training.
  • What are the tactics of muscle strengthening and stretching? Which exercises affect muscle stretch and strength?
  • Which dietary plans can increase strength and quickness to gain a perfect jump.
  • What are the alternatives to a weight room?
  • It also contains interviews with NBA coaches, athletes, professional shooting coaches, etc. suggestions from nutritionists are also given in interview format.

CONS of Jump Manual

  • Keeping the information very basic at some points, this plan might seem to be a vertical jump learning guide to the few instead of vertical jump enhancing and strengthening guide.
  • Training and exercise workouts are picked from the practice forum which contain chances of injury for the beginners.
  • It is a long process which might take more time than a month to gain an apparent result.

PROS of Jump Manual

  • This system is highly strategic and perfect to get professional expertise in vertical jumping.
  • Different people face different problems while practice. In any such case, 24 hours one-to-one counseling with Jacob is there for you.
  • The video library helps understanding every move of practice and requires no guess-work.
  • The diet plan not only helps in strengthening muscle performance but also heals the injuries faster.
  • Suggestions from the expert trainers and nutritionists other than Jacob help in better understanding the learning sessions.


  • An interview with the NBA Shooting coach Dave Hopla who is considered as the best coach in the world by many.
  • An interview with the psychologist Dr. Patrick Cohn who has been advising professional athletes since 20 years.


Jacob offers 60-day money refund for customer satisfaction.

Is Jump Manual Scam?

If you have a reasonable physique and want to build your career in any of the vertical – jump related professions, then this e-book is devised especially for you. It really works! But if at any stage, you suspect the credibility of this program, then the money back guarantee is there to save your every penny.

jump manual

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