Is Nail Biting a Problem for Dental Health?


I love to keep you informed about everything related to your dental health and this time I will explain the risk to teeth when you have the bad habit of biting your nails. I have heard many people saying the following things when I ask the about why they bite nails.

  • It is a way to cure my anxiety.
  • I only do when I am too much stressed.
  • I have been doing since my childhood and has nothing happened to me yet.
  • When I am bored, I do it unconsciously.
  • Biting my nails helps me to control my nerves.

You must have heard some of these comments or you might also have said something like that. If you are a victim of nail biting, you are not alone because it is one of the most common bad habits in the world.

Nail biting is a habit that many people develop since they are small, which with the passage of time becomes a habit that is carried out in an automated way, which makes it even harder to quit.

You have probably thought about the consequences that this act causes the appearance of your hands negatively, and you know the growth and structure of your nails is also affected. But did you ever think about the damage caused in dental health because of nail biting on regularly?

Nail biting, besides being inelegant, has bad consequences in your dental health as well. When you are performing the bite, your teeth are constantly hit against each other, wearing tooth enamel and causing extreme sensitivity. Gnashing or clenching of teeth can also cause the facial pain and headache. You can also generate the breaking or splintering of the front teeth, even the loss of a tooth in more extreme cases.


This habit also directly affects to the gums for the reason that it can lead to inflammation and gingivitis, and this is because the sharp edges and peaks of the nails caused by bites which can have an aggressive contact with the gums causing painful damage.

People using brackets put their dental health at greater risk as they put great pressure on the teeth. Other treatments such as dental veneers, composite restorations or implants are also at a risk with the constant habit of biting nails.

If the hands are not clean, to get your fingers to your mouth, you eat an amazing amount of bacteria and many germs are deposited under the fingernails and through those nibbles, they can arise the emergence of bacterial infections such as thrush and the spread of bacteria from other parts of the body to the mouth.

Nail biting can be a hard habit to break, but you must remember that many times this habit makes you a dental health suffer. I am sure you now have a strong excuse to quit this bad habit.



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