How to Lose Extra Weight Fast and Healthily?

The aim of all those who make a diet is usually to lose weight. In many cases, people are not looking for big loss but simply remove the extra kilos after a holiday or a period where health food habits have been neglected.

In this article, I will show you how to remove some extra kilos quickly and effectively at the same time being healthy. I have always been against the miracle diets, so if that’s what you expect, this article is not for you. Let’s just try to hit good eating habits, proper training and some tips to help you lose weight properly taken from the program Venus Factor, a popular weight loss system by John Barban.

The first thing I want to clarify is that there is nothing healthy, though possible, to make you lose 10 kilos in a week, but if you eliminate such number of kilos in one month, it is much practical, though very tough. Normally people aim for such a weight loss goal for a particular occasion like wedding, baptism and especially to enjoy summer on the beach with ideal body weight.

The first is to understand that the function of our body when you ingest calories increases energy reserves of the body and these reserves, among other items, are composed of fat. When you do exercise to burn calories, you consume energy and, therefore, eliminate fat. Clearly, you must create a caloric deficit to burn fat in your body and this translates to spend more calories than you get in food intake.

Recommended Guidelines for Healthy Weight Loss

  • The first step is exercise and I recommend a sport that is easy and can be adapted to your needs. Running is a great choice and with three days a week for 45 minutes in every session, you can get great results. Obviously, when you are weary you, slow down the pace and continue on the walking path.
  • Food is essential, so eat vegetables, fresh produce and low-fat foods which will make your diet more nutritious and less oily.
  • Another important aspect is the supplement of L-carnitine which is an option if you are to make exercise with certain intensity; the replacement shakes can also be helpful if they are recommended by a specialist who has info and plan of your food and situation.
  • Avoid snacking and know what and when to eat. It is essential to make 5 less heavy meals daily if you want to lose extra weight. Snacking causes a constant appetite and is not good for weight loss.
  • Check your weight on weekly basis as it is very gratifying to see gradual results as your new habits translate into figures which are slowly decreasing to finally get to our ideal weight.

These guidelines must be followed in any diet. If your intention is to for quick weight loss, remember it is not healthy going most time without food. The right plan will increase the intensity of exercise and look how you can reduce the calories in diet without losing nutrients. You need to find about the best sports, healthy recipes and see your progress with these simple tricks to lose weight quickly and above all, healthily.

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