How to Get Rid of Enlarged Pores


With age, not just thighs, stomach and buttocks also tend to increase in size. Skin is also affected, and in addition you will have deep wrinkles and more dilated pores.

Exposures to sun damage, deposit of collagen and elastin substances are designed to keep skin supple and firm. In the absence of measures, the appearance of pores becomes increasingly distasteful, clogging leads to the appearance of dark spots or red with pus.

According to dermatologist David Bank at New York clinic gave the review about the pores problem to be solved; not at home, but the treatment can be done at specialized salon. Most efficient products for enlarged pores are formulas based on chemical peels and retinol and glycolic acid, which only in some cases can be used at home, but very carefully.

With these products you can remove deposits inside the pores, allowing them to breathe and have a decongestant effect but always take reliable products with proven results to be effective against pores.

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