How To Get Comfortable

The existence of the individual in the modern society is greatly complicated with sorts of different feelings and fears. Peoples are engaged in intellectual work, with a lot of time in front of computer monitors. This may lead to the discomfort in the body.

They suffer from stress and back pain in their body and majority of the peoples are motorists, conducting the road for more than two hours a day in their daily routine of life. A person can not afford the extra minute of rest. Here you will be taught about how you can get rid of stress efficiently.


Slow and Quiet Breathing:
Slow and quiet breathing saves you from depressive thoughts and feelings that concern you. Several such techniques have a relaxing and rejuvenating effect. Try to lie down or sit down the most convenient place for you. Slow and quiet breathe recommends:

Concentration point:
Concentration point is the nose and nostrils. Breathe in the air and focus. This should cover the eyes. You have to feel the freshness of the air entering into your lungs. Then, you must hold your breath, do not forget about the nostrils. Slowly, begin to exhale. Your task: to feel the warmth of breath. Repeat this for as long as you do not leave any unpleasant thoughts and feelings.

Methods of breathing to achieve relaxation:
Slow inhalation, exhalation, and breath holding reduces heart rate. If you are in the shortest time, it is necessary to relieve stress, relax and tune in the desired fashion, only this breathing will help in these moments. Feeling the cool and warm air, you can get rid of the accumulated negative thoughts.

You know that the subconscious mind of man can not distinguish the real from the imaginary? It turns out imaginative images may affect the operation of the brain. Again, lie down or sit in a comfortable position. Cover your eyes, and breathe out slowly. You have nothing to distract.

Mentally, you will be taken to a place that you think is most suitable for a relaxing vacation. This can be a meadow, field, forest, seaside and other places in which you will be pleased. As long as possible think about this place. Think of the sights, sounds and smells of your imagination. The more you reproduce this image in mind; the faster and easier it will be able to get mentally relax.

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