How Is Lasik Eye Surgery Performed?


In the recent era, Lasik surgery for eyes are very much popular and due its high-efficiency different eye surgeon follows this procedure to cure the eye problems. Though the technology, which is used in this surgery is very much complex, but the success rate of this operation is very high. Basically, in Lasik surgery, different eye drops are used as anesthetic compound and here you do not require any stitches or bandage around your eye. The method of performing this LASIK eye surgery is mentioned below.

  •  Here at first some mechanical surgical instrument known as femtosecond laser is used by the doctor. This tool is used for creating a thin rounded flap around the cornea of your eyes.
  •  Then the hinge of this flap is folded back by the doctor so that he can access the stroma of your eyes. This stroma is basically the lower part of the cornea. Here he also removes some tissues from the cornea using the tool which known as an excimer laser.
  •  This excimer laser is very efficient to eliminate the microscopic tissues of the cornea by using an ultraviolet beam, and thus it helps a lot to reshape the cornea properly, and thus your focus towards any light source will be much better, and your vision will be improved.
  •  If you have a nearsighted vision, then the eye surgeon tries to flatten your eye cornea, but if you are suffering from farsighted vision, then the cornea is made steeper.
  •  Again, if you are suffering from astigmatism, then this treatment is used for smoothing the uneven cornea and thus you can properly cure this disease of your eye.
  •  Lastly, when this reshaping is done by the eye surgeon, then the flap is again placed in the right position so that it cure naturally.

There are also some things which you should take care before undergoing this eye surgery. Different eye surgeons perform different eye tests for measuring the moistness of the eyes, the size of the pupil, thickness of the cornea, etc. Here doctors also check the degree of the refractive errors in your eye. If you have a low amount of moistness in your eye, then you may before undergoing this LASIK surgery you have to cure this. Otherwise, you may face different problems regarding dry eye after the surgery. Sometimes corneal topographer is used to calculate the degree of curvature of the front area of your eyes.

Basically, this instrument produces a map of your cornea automatically when it is faced towards your eyes. Sometimes with the Lasik surgery doctors also include the wave front technology because this can help you a lot if you are suffering from night vision problem.  Doctors may also check whether you have undergone any surgeries before or not and what medicines you are taking before the Lasik surgery. You should also avoid the use of contact lenses before this surgery because it can change the real shape of your cornea and this can create a huge problem during this operation.

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