Hidden Causes Associated With Health Problems

stressFor some peoples “seizing” stress is simple, accessible and they have well-known ideas to deal the situation with tolerance. Disturbance with the sensations of meal; no one thinks that the subsequent weight gain is another tough test for the mental and physical health.

At the same time you can reduce any stressful situation with self-help skills of emotional and other more constructive ways to relax, such as:
• Physical activity;
• Aroma bath;
• Walking;
• Dancing;
• Singing;
• Breathing exercises;
• Sauna bath

Hormonal imbalance
hormonal-imbalanceAnother enemy of the good shape and mood is hormonal disorders. Their method affects the metabolism and appetite frustrating. Sudden changes in hormone levels trigger mood swings and can cause depression in women who already suffer bursts of hormones before and during each menstrual period and during pregnancy.

For the cure of combined contraceptives there are modern alternative treatments for the intrauterine hormonal system that produces hormones directly into the uterus. The dose of hormones at this point of contact is 7.5 times less than in the modern contraceptive pills every day.

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