Height Increasing Exercises – Is it really workable to Grow 2 inches in a month or two!

height_2bIn search of how to grow taller or how to increase height, we come across many online claims to offer easy ways of adding fewer inches by adding certain exercises in your daily routine. The point to ponder is, “Do heath increasing exercises really work”?

The reply to this matter is the confusion between YES and NO. Yes because exercises for height have proven scientific results, and NO because without proper diet no exercise will give you any benefit.

Next 2 to 3 hundred words will highlight you few exercises along with some diet tips to help you grow taller in 6 weeks.

Height increasing exercises combined with proper diet will benefit your body and improve your chances of growing tall. Actually, these exercises release and enhance growth hormones in your body which is responsible for height increase.

Although there isn’t any proven science behind the claims that exercises can increase your height by lengthening your bones even for adults. Because bones are not the kind of flesh that can be lengthen only by stretching. There is a need special kind of food nutrition that can add new cells that increases the length and breadth of your bones.

Exercises can help you strengthen your muscles and as well as in releasing growth hormones. The special diet can help keeping these hormones fresh and active.

Over World Wide Web you can find many eBooks with exercises and diet to grow taller. Some of them even help you to grow around 3 inches in just 6 weeks. Some of the exercises and diet tips that I found in a book called grow taller 4 idiot are mentioned below.

Exercises to Strengthen and Lengthen Your Muscles
There are no secrets to these exercises. In fact they all are proven with logical and scientific ways and many experts include these in their expert opinions for How to help grow your height.

Stretches are very well known warm up exercises. Doing stretches for 15 minutes every day is highly recommended. The types of stretches are

  • Cobra stretch
  • Car stretch
  • Bridge stretch
  • Table stretches
  • Bow down stretch
  • Super stretch
  • Twist

Hanging Exercises
Anyone can easily perform hanging exercises. You might find some difficulties in the start. As you spend some days you might find yourself as comfortable as a master in it. Hanging on a rod with arms and stretching your spine for around 10 seconds can grow your height amazingly. You just need a 2 minutes daily workout to do this exercise and see the magic.

The formula will be like this 10 seconds Multiplied by 12 times = Total 2 minutes of workouts.

Many people skip swimming with an excuse that they don’t know. I personal learn it if you don’t know as swimming is at 5 hours a week will start doing wonders with your height. Breast stroke is one of the most considered swimming exercise for height growth.

Few Diets that can help grow your height:

  • Eating Tapioca Pudding in Breakfast is good for gaining height and as well as for other health purposes
  • Before night sleep drink warm milk with a pinch of turmeric powder.
  • Get 500 grams boiled and mashed long melon or pumpkin, add 2 table spoon of honey in it and a piece of rock sugar. Take it in your breakfast meal.
  • Drink 1 table spoon of syrup that contain Lysine (Lysovit) for two times every day.
  • Eat diet rich in vitamins, calcium, fibers and proteins. Take diet that is rich in fiber, proteins, vitamins and especially calcium

All of these height increasing exercise will work 100% if your also focus on suitable diet regularly. No matter how old and what gender, people have seen their positive results in few weeks after following the above guidelines.

So be the part of those successful height gainer Now!!

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