Have Your Legs Become Painful?

You don’t have to live with varicose vein pain

Varicose veins are a problem that can occur as you get older. They can be painful and cause health issues if they are not treated. You will need to know the signs and how to treat them. It is a well known issue, so your physician will be able to help. If caught early, there are even simple steps you can take that will be helpful. Remember to stay on top of it so that you do not spend all your time in pain.


Signs of varicose veins

You need to make sure to watch for signs of varicose veins. The color of the veins will be a dark purple or a blue in color. They will have twists and bloating. You will end up with your legs aching all the time. Over time, the ache will turn to pain and grow worse. There may even be discoloration.

What happens if you ignore varicose veins

Ignoring varicose veins will cause worse problems than pain. You will notice that your legs will start swelling and more bleeding if you cut your leg. There can be skin infections and skin ulcers. Varicose veins clot easier, which the medical term is thrombophlebitis.

Treatments for varicose veins

  • There can be several ways to handle this condition, especially if you catch it early enough. You just need to make sure you discuss your concerns with your doctor if you see any symptoms.
  • Losing weight and exercise is a good prevention and can help if you catch varicose veins early on. Many times people believe that losing weight can be difficult. Working with your doctor and staying away from fads will help you the best.
  • Compression stockings are for helping the blood to go up easier. Most are over the counter, but some are going to require a prescription. You will have to wear them all day, along with propping your feet up at times.
  • Taking aspirin or ibuprofen for their anti-inflammation abilities can help with pain and swelling. There are other benefits for the drugs, but make sure you are aware of risks.
  • There are laser treatments that will cause the vein to gradually fade. This will take multiple visits.
  • The introduction of chemicals is into the vein is what occurs if you go the sclerotherapy route. It will make the vein useless.
  • Ablation is where they heat catheters with lasers or radio frequency and it destroys the vein.
  • Foam treatment for varicose veins is where they introduce a foam into the vein to close it off.


Most of the treatments that a doctor will use if varicose veins will destroy them. You need to stay on top of your symptoms so that you do not have to worry about that. If caught early, you will be able to not have to deal with the surgical options. The options are there and are in use by the doctors who deal with this daily. The research will help with making decisions. Just make sure to inform your doctor if any of the symptoms start appearing.

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