Foods That Endanger Your Bones

Trans-Fats-salty-foodsOsteoporosis – is a bone disorder that causes by a reduction of calcium, bone tissue drops its mass, its compactness decreases and bones become weaker. The growth of this disease changes with different factors and one of them is the consumption of bad food.

Salty foods
Ordinary table salt contains sodium, which is a calcium antagonist, i.e. destroys the intake of calcium. If a person eats a day, 2.3 g of salt in any salty foods, then the bone is removed with 40 mg of calcium, which leads to thinning of bone tissues and destroy it. A large amount of salt is contained in our foods because salt is a versatile preservative and taken with high consideration in soups, fast food, chips, etc.

Sweet soda
Any soda is composed of phosphoric acid, which directly affects the content of calcium in the bones, i.e., bone is thin and the bones become brittle.

Foods with Tran’s fats
Simple margarine contains trans fats; this can also be called vegetable fats, which are enriched in the production of hydrogen molecules to transfer them from a liquid to a solid. Margarine is widely used in various baking: cakes, pies, cookies etc.

What are dangers of Trans fat?
They block the so-called vitamin K, which is known to be involved in blood clotting, but this vitamin is still a very important feature which is needed by the human body. Vitamin K is involved in the formation of the protein matrix, which covered calcium in the bones. But because trans fats consumption, the molecules of calcium does not exist.

What to do?
• Eat foods rich in vitamin D, because the combination of calcium in the body is essential. Vitamin D is found in marine fish, namely, fish oil.
• Enrich your diet with special herbs: chard, spinach, in which calcium intake can be taken with vegetable origin.
• The use of fungi for food will also give your body plant calcium.
• Consume dairy products, especially milk; replenish bone calcium with the intake of white meat.
• Eating right is not difficult, you just have to try it, and you will like to be healthy!

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