FAT LOSS FACTOR - Scam by Dr. Michael Allen or Worth Buying ???

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Introduction to the Product

dr michael allen weight loss
Dr Michael Allen along with Lori Allen produced a 12 week weight loss plan in the e-book ‘Fat Loss Factor’. It is a two-way process of dieting and exercise workouts that moves step by step to achieve desired results in 12 weeks. The total plan is available in main e-book, a workout log, wizard cleanse videos, objective manual and a software program.

About Dr. Michael Allen

dr michael allen weight loss
Dr. Michael Allen is a certified wellness practitioner, certified expert in advance in nutrition, certified chiropractic medical doctor and a fitness physician. After compiling Fat Loss Factor e-book, he tested it on one of his patients in order to reduce her excessive 90 pounds.

What Fat Loss Factor Does?

Fat Loss Factor operates on five basic principles;

  1. Lower stress is a key to accelerated weight reduction and exercise can potentially reduce stress.
  2. Food should be taken every few hours instead of 2 or 3 times a day. This plan offers a variety of foods in smaller quantities to indulge the body with all types of nutritious foods.
  3. Strength Training can drift metabolic activity to reinforce the internal functioning and increased weight loss.
  4. High Intensity Interval Training helps in boosting up the metabolic activity rather than ordinary exercise workouts.
  5. Drink lots, lots and lots of water to purify body liquid and sustain the efficient activity of the body.

Fat Loss Factor works in two basic steps. In the first step, the body’s detoxification is done by eating organic fruits, vegetables and healthy liquids (especially lemonade) for 2 weeks. This step is meant to cleanse the body from toxins and harmful substances. In second major step, a diet plan along with workouts strengthens the metabolic activity of the body and enhances weight loss.


Dr. Allen offer 60 days money back guarantee for this product.

CONS to see in this review of fat loss factor scam check

  • It is a long term process that needs a high level of dedication. If you need to lose weight within a few days, then this plan is not for you.
  • Detoxification weeks can be hard to adopt.
  • This program can be effective for healthy and peaceful minds. One has to calm down his mental stress before using this program.

PROS to see in this review of fat loss factor scam check

  • This plan does not bring a total change in lifestyle and offers a variety of recipes to make weight loss interesting.
  • A direct consultation with Dr. Allen or his wife is available for queries.
  • It is an excellent program to remove toxins from the body that would benefit the user forever.
  • The user receives free lifetime updates.

Is Fat Loss Factor Scam?

Fat Loss Factor is not miraculous to offer 50 pounds reduction in 2 weeks. It requires consistent effort and strengthened will power to achieve ideal body. However, the plan is surely legit if adopted sincerely. Since this product does not contain any scammy tactics, therefore with all its expert scientific and nutritional advice, it is safe to adopt forever life.

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