Eating Cherries – A Great Remedy For Your Health

Cherries-a-great-natural-remedy-for-healthConsumption of cherries delay the onset of aging effects and give the body extra energy. Tasty cherries keep you healthy as according to the American Public Health Association. Here are some of the reasons to eat cherries:-

Eliminates stress – It is rich in flavonoids, cherries have antioxidant properties. They slow down the aging progression and help the body cells to recover.

Prevent cancer – Like all red fruits cherries are also a natural source of antioxidants. They help to prevent and renovate damaged cells from free radicals. Quercetin, a flavonoid found in cherries with chemical composition is a powerful anticancer agent that acts on cells in the body.

Reduce pain – Two chemical compounds contained in cherries are anthocyanins and bioflavonoids; slows down the action of enzymes and help to reduce pain and prevention of arthritis and gout. Cherries consumption is also effective against the disorder of migraines.cherry

Like natural pills – Melatonin found in cherries is rapidly absorbed into the blood and acts as a natural sedative. In addition it also improves sleep and regulates the body’s function.

Preventing anemia – Cherries are rich source in iron, so it is an effective natural remedy with nutritional iron deficiencies. Cherries have a significant amount of iron, which helps the brain oxygenation processes to take place normally, improving brain activity and memory processes, attention and learning.

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