vision without glasses
Vision Without Glasses is Duke Peterson’s e-book which is based on the researches and studies of Dr. William Bates about getting 20-20 vision at any age. This e-book contains step by step training methods required to do everyday for 15 minutes. With the help of this e-book, any type of visual problem can be cured and set for accuracy within 1 to 3 months. It is a total eye-training program with exercises in which no medicine, surgery, supplement or eye drops are required.

About Duke Peterson

vision without glasses
Duke Peterson is an eye specialist and an ophthalmologist who studied the 100 years old research of Dr. William Bates. This famous research, named ‘Dr. William’s 2.0 Method’, was also published in the ‘Better Eyesight Magazine’. Duke studied this exercise-based research for 5 years and after excelling the main idea, he developed a more effective approach for curing visual problems in his e-book Vision Without Glasses’

What Does It Do For You?

The majority of the world population suffering from eye problems is a victim of myopia. Therefore a bulk of this e-book is made up to cure myopia. However, other visual problems are also targeted in other parts of this e-book.

This e-book uses the strategy of natural cure. It consists of Virtual Therapy i.e. exercises related to eye problems. It prevents from the use of glasses or going through a surgery as glasses or contact lenses are not a born-part of the human body whereas surgery is expensive and risky too. This program contains:

  • A 15 minute exercise training plan
  • A guide to master the proper usage of eyes without ruining their natural and perfect activity
  • Tip to cure headaches and eye strain within 60 seconds
  • Doctor’s ignorance towards physical practices for visual accuracy


  • A copy of Dr. Bates original research papers
  • A guide of eye charts containing astigmatic mirror, eye chart generator, practices for few common visual problems and a classic eye chart
  • Unlimited one-to-one e-mail counseling with Duke


  • Duke offers zero-risk 100% money refund within 8 weeks.


  • It is a long process and might take more time than 3 months.
  • It does not provide any formula for calculating the intensity of the disease. The more intense is the problem, the more time it would take to cure as it is a slow process.


  • It is an easily understandable solution for 20-20 vision. The language is kept simple and plain English.
  • It is far more lucrative than the costly eye surgery, glasses or contact lenses. The user does not have to pay frequent visits to eye specialist or go through risky and painful surgery.
  • This program is suitable for any type of visual disorder.
  • It is suitable for any age, even a serious visual disorder at the age of 80 or older can be cured with it.
  • It helps in throwing off eye strains, headaches and irritation within seconds.
  • It results in permanent, sharper and clearer vision after a few weeks.

Is Duke Peterson Vision Without Glass A Scam?

The strategy of this program might seem weird for a few people but this whole program is based on authentic researches proven 100 years ago. If you are suffering from any type of visual disorder, then believe in this program. It is definitely not a scam and would cure your visual disorder within weeks.

vision without glasses

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