DIET SOLUTION PROGRAM - Scam by Isabel De Los Rios ?


Introduction to Diet Solution Program

Isabel De Los Rios has compiled her experiences in 95 pages in Diet Solution Program in digital format. The main philosophy behind this e-book is that dieting and healthy eating should be comprised in same foods. It does not favor the calorie count methodology; however, it tells the methods with which fat producing components like carbohydrates can become your fat reducing friends. With this plan, up to 10% of extra fat can be burned within 30 days.

About Isabel De Los Rios

Diet Solution Program’s developer Isabel is a certified nutritionist from Rutgers of University. With her ten years experience in nutrition, it took her 15 years to research and compile this e-book. She herself has lost her 30 pounds with this diet plan and suggests this plan as a healthy and nutritious way to happy life.

What it Exactly Does?

Diet Solution Program rejects the idea that one size fits everyone. Targeting the individuality of the users, it provides access to perfectly match the needs and body type of them. Starting from the 7 Day E-Course Starter Kit, it contains the following stuff;

  • Explanation of different types of metabolism and the effects of different types of nutrition on them.
  • Answer to why carbohydrates, proteins and fats affect a specific type of body and do not affect the other type.
  • A questionnaire which, after filling up, generates a suitable diet plan for your type of body.
  • Guide to the usage of extra foods like sugar, alcohol, etc.
  • A success journal that aids in calculating the progress and success of this plan on your body.


While going through the product, one would be offered many bonus products as well. Apart from these three free bonuses, all other contain almost similar information as the basic e-book. The free bonuses include:

  • Insider Secrets for the Ultimate Fat Burning Workout
  • Fit Yummy Mummy Fit Fast 4 Week Workout
  • Turbulence Training Amazing Abs
  • The Hidden Truth about Cholesterol Lowering Drugs
  • The Diet Solution Quick Start Guide
  • The Diet Solution Recipes


Without asking ‘ifs & buts’, the program comes up with 8-week money back guarantee.


  • Major sources of nutrition are meat, seafood and grains a less number of vegetable recipes are provided.
  • The program might leave the user with overloaded information.
  • It seeks for a great deal of honesty, dedication and commitment.
  • Though this plan claims ‘no focus on calorie count’, there still is a focus on calculating calories in a unique way.


  • A diverse variety of easy-to-make recipes is available.
  • The program understandably explains the effects of proteins, carbohydrates and fats on different types of metabolism.
  • Its easily understandable language drifts a quick and immediate start of fat loss.
  • Descriptive explanation of myths and pitfalls about nutrition are given and calorie-count is one of them.
  • It offers a natural diet solution without medication or supplements.

Is The Diet Solution Program a Scam?

Diet Solution Program is a plan specially devised for those who love to eat. If you are a food lover and want to reduce your weight at the same time, this plan is surely for you. Otherwise, money back guarantee stands beside to protect you.

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