Diet Plans And Their Contraindications

dietIf you want to get the desired figure, drastic diets should be avoided. The body needs vitamins and minerals that you get only if you eat balanced diet from all food groups. In addition, after finishing a restraining diet, you’re possible to gain weight back at a rate in which you managed to lose weight!

Diet according to the blood type
Always remember that some foods are compatible with your blood and your group benefits, while others do not. Theory was confirmed! The main counter-argument is quite natural: diets that have resulted should be chosen according to the age and weight. If you have medical conditions, then adopt foods which are recommended for specific blood groups. So if you want a personalized diet that fits your blood group you have to visit the nutritionist, for the guideline to adopt suitable diet plan as according to your blood type!

Cabbage Soup Diet
This diet is perfect for weight loss because of its minimal calorie; kale has many healthy benefits and proves to be truly amazing food. However, cabbage soup can also hurt, especially if this diet is followed by several days or even weeks at a time because it contains too few calories and not enough nutrients, depriving the body of energy with physical weakness, dizziness and intestinal gas turn this diet to avoid.

Bread is considered a fattening food. And even gain weight if you eat too much with the wrong combinations, like all foods rich in carbohydrates. However, there is a solution completely remove it from the menu, because, experts say, the brain needs carbohydrates to provide energy at its peak. A diet without bread, potatoes and pasta cause frustration and affect your mood! Accordingly two or three slices of bread consumed daily not hurt anyone; even it can also be beneficial, because it inhibits sweet cravings.

Fruits and vegetables diet
Vegetables and fruits are the healthiest supply of foods which diminishes the dangers of diabetes, heart diseases, and colon cancer. It is recommended to eat at least five portions for each day! And if you want to detoxify your body, a three-day diet based with juices of fruits and vegetables will be a great choice. But you should not follow a strict vegetarian diet plan, which completely exclude meat, cheese, eggs. Then the result will face the deficiencies of vitamin B12, protein and minerals.

Maple syrup diet
Diet-Plan-With-ContraindicationsMany women have tried this diet for the weight loss perspective. As according to this diet, you cannot eat anything other than daily 8-12 glasses of juice made from maple syrup, lemon juice, pepper and water. In other words, you starve yourself. Although this diet not usually last more than ten days, during this time you can reduce at least 8 pounds, this diet is not recommended even by famous celebrities.

Weight loss diet pills
These pills promise to do miracles, but do not get caught in their nets! Diet pills reduce appetite but can cause metabolic disorders and even heart rate.

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