Combat Circulatory Problems

combat circulatory problemsVascular surgery specialist can tell you about peripheral circulation. Pickles and salted meat consumption causes a changed composition of the blood circulation which has repercussions on the entire body, including the extremities. In addition, low temperatures during winter causes the body to reduce blood flow in peripheral areas and focus on the flow of vital organs – heart, brain, kidneys and liver. Seasonal inactivity acts directly on blood vessels.


Blood in the body is achieved through the blood vessels, arteries and veins; providing oxygen cells and removes carbon dioxide. Velocity of blood through the vessels is given by the contact surface of the fluid vessel walls, vessel diameter and blood pressure is pumped by the heart. Near the heart, blood pressure is high, as well as velocity.

The distance from the heart increases narrows vessels; vessel wall friction becomes larger, so that the pressure and velocity of blood fall. Peripheral vessels undergoing expansion appears stagnant blood circulatory insufficient. But it takes an expert to make this diagnosis. Peripheral insufficiency affects large and vital organs – brain, liver or kidneys.

For example, dizziness can be another symptom of peripheral circulatory failure. So, go to a specialist for an evaluation. This should exclude both a heart disease and inflammation of blood vessels. Simultaneously, thyroid function tests and blood analyzes are common which monitor liver and kidney functions.

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