Colon Cancer Review

colan-cancerThe occurrence of colon cancer it is noted that 50 per 10,000 men are associated with this type of disease. The disease develops gradually; often the symptoms come into view in the later periods.

Because of the long time the disease is asymptomatic, the diagnosis “cancer of the colon” can only be done with a special survey – colonoscopy. Using a special device inserted through the rectum a small video camera on a flexible catheter, and the doctor can easily analyze, if there is a tumor in the intestines.


If the tumor is small, the doctor may remove it, but if the tumor is large enough, then they take a small piece of tissue for a biopsy – a special study for the presence of cancer. Usually a man for the first time examined to see a doctor with complaints of constipation or bowel obstruction.

By that time, the tumor grows so that completely blocks the intestine. Even in the absence of complaints every three years a man should be tested colon – colonoscopy.

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