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Degenerative Eye Disease

Key Signs of Degenerative Eye Disease

Degenerative eye disease, also called macular degeneration, is the leading disease responsible for irreparable vision impairment in patients 60 and older. Since the disease typically occurs in older adults, it is sometimes called “age-related macular degeneration.” The degeneration occurs as a result of impairment to the oval-shaped, central area in the retina (also called the […]

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App to Improve Eye Care with Patient Data at Point-of-Care

  IBM and Bausch & Lomb of Valeant are currently collaborating to create a new Apple application which will allow cataract surgeons to access patient data in the operating room and clinic. This data will allow the healthcare providers to better execute procedures based on patient characteristics. A study looking at the impact is expected […]

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How Is Lasik Eye Surgery Performed?

In the recent era, Lasik surgery for eyes are very much popular and due its high-efficiency different eye surgeon follows this procedure to cure the eye problems. Though the technology, which is used in this surgery is very much complex, but the success rate of this operation is very high. Basically, in Lasik surgery, different […]

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CAN IT GET YOU 20-20 VISION AT ANY AGE ? Vision Without Glasses is Duke Peterson’s e-book which is based on the researches and studies of Dr. William Bates about getting 20-20 vision at any age. This e-book contains step by step training methods required to do everyday for 15 minutes. With the help of […]

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