Body Cleaning With Vegetable Soup

vegetable-soup-dietA delicious hot soup can be a good solution to detoxify the body which we subject during holidays. British nutritionist Monica Grenfell recommends a diet of soup that takes five days which helps in detoxifying the body and increasing fat burning process as well. Vegetables contain plenty of dietary fiber, so you will not feel hunger. Daily diet should consume more vegetable soup and other foods, as follows:

First day – fish soup:
– Lunch and dinner: fatty fish (salmon, mackerel, and tuna) baked with vegetables;

Second day – potato soup:
– Breakfast: fruits
– Lunch: green vegetables (spinach, cabbage, green beans) and 2 baked potatoes without fat.

Third day – eggs and soup:
– Breakfast: fruits
– Lunch: a boiled egg, an omelette and lettuce.

Fourth day – bread, milk and soup:
– Breakfast: a slice of bread with fruits and coffee prepared with skim milk;
– During the day: three slices of bread and skim milk. Milk contains protein, calcium and potassium which support the body to resist the temptation to eat sweets and fried foods.

Fifth day – red meat and soup:
– Breakfast: fruits
– Lunch or dinner: 1 brisket of boiled or roasted red meat with salad or coleslaw. Red meat contains iron and prevents anemia.

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