App to Improve Eye Care with Patient Data at Point-of-Care



IBM and Bausch & Lomb of Valeant are currently collaborating to create a new Apple application which will allow cataract surgeons to access patient data in the operating room and clinic. This data will allow the healthcare providers to better execute procedures based on patient characteristics. A study looking at the impact is expected to kick off in late 2016 and has the potential to have a large impact on the ophthalmology and larger healthcare worlds. It truly is a move towards patient-centered care.

Officials at both companies see a large unmet need which they are hoping the app can help fill. The app will be much more efficient than current options and will help with future procedures as well as patient flow. The data component will be very powerful and allow surgeons to easily access insights based on patient profiles. The app will really be a growing body of information and with time, its utility is only expected to increase as the quantity and strength of data increase. Machine learning techniques in the code will be combined with predictive analytics in order to deliver real-time insights to providers who use it.

Compiling the same information using traditional records (even if electronic) would take a lot of manpower and time- resources that your typical clinic cannot invest in this sort of thing. The app can help bridge the demand for insights with a feasible solution to access them. Ultimately, it is meant to improve surgeon decision-making and in turn patient outcomes. One thing that the app is not meant to do is serving as a quasi EMR or builds into an EMR over time. The personnel on the project have made it clear that they are not trying to tackle that multi-billion-dollar industry with this project.

It will be interesting to see how this app fares as it is one of the first examples of this sort of thing. It is also likely the start of many such projects as the healthcare world continues to grapple with the challenge of becoming more efficient and utilizing modern technology like Vision Systems Service. The ongoing fusion between healthcare and Silicon Valley is all over this deal between a pharma giant and a valley staple. For patients’ sake, hopefully it works and improves outcomes leading to more such collaborations and the increased digitization of healthcare and patient care. Doctors are definitely excited at the prospect as are the companies involved.

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