ANABOLIC COOKING – Scam by Dave Ruel ?

anabolic cooking


Anabolic Cooking is an e-book compiled by Dave Ruel with over 200 recipes to strengthen the empty balloon-like muscles. This ebook is a nutritional guide for those who want to build up lean muscles along with burning their fat. It guides how a fat body can be transformed into a muscular physique.

About Dave Ruel

anabolic cooking
Dave Ruel is a nutritionist and muscle-building guide who believes that the performance and results of your weight loss or muscle gain depend 80% on your diet. He is famous as The Muscle Cook in the muscle building sector.

What Anabolic Cooking Does?

This whole ebook is compiled on the concept that major part of the fitness depends on the nutrition that a person takes in. It is specifically conceived to build lean muscles and burning fat. It is a guide to the muscle built physique rather than just slim and fat-burnt body.

This e-book contains;

  • More than 200 recipes
  • A guide to the timings and choice of meals
  • A virtual class of simple and healthy anabolic cooking
  • Tips for affordable and expert cooking


Anabolic Cook Book offers these bonuses with every e-book;

  • A recipe book that allows a post-workout muscle gain chance.
  • A special report about ugly truths of supplement promoting companies.
  • A food log that trains the user for anabolic cooking.


Anabolic Cooking offers 100% money back guarantee within sixty days.

Pros of Anabolic Cooking

  • Anabolic cooking is cost effective because it saves muscle builders from exhaustive expenditures over supplements and medications.
  • Its variety of recipes holds on the interest of users for a long time.
  • Its recipes are not just for muscle builders. Health seekers can also strengthen their inner tenacity to its fullest.
  • Since this cookbook is specially formulated for muscle builders, who are mostly boys and men, special care has been taken to keep the recipes as simple as possible.
  • Ingredients used in these recipes can be easily available in any of the nearest market.
  • It makes eating enjoyable and affordable.
  • It is user-friendly and safe to download.
  • The exercises are far easier than those breath-taking push-ups and cardio workouts for muscle building.

Cons of Anabolic Cooking

  • The product is available online only, so it is tough to read the whole ebook in one sitting.
  • Its nutritional guide works for burning the fat only. For muscle enhancement, one has to work out the given exercise as well.
  • Some of the helping measurements are not listed in ebook and one has to find out ideal measurements at own.

Is Anabolic Cooking A Scam?

Anabolic cooking has come up with a total money refund policy within 2 months which is a proof of its legitimacy. It is a real deal to get body fitness and muscle building and it is not a scam either.
anabolic cooking
anabolic cooking

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