ACNE NO MORE e-book by MIKE WALDEN - Scam or Genuine ?


acne no more


Mike Walden’s Acne No More is based on natural treatment of acne by solving the problem from the root cause. Based on 7 years of research, it is a solid compilation of acne treatment in 233 pages. This e-book is also available in video framework along with one-to-one counseling with Mike Walden.

About Mike Waldenacne no more

Mike Walden is a dermatologist and nutritionist who himself has suffered acne for over 20 years. Since the age of 13, he has been bantered for acne. Due to extreme embarrassment and insecurity, he got obsessed to cure acne and opted dermatology at the age of 22. This e-book is the essence of his research.

What Acne No More Does?

Acne No More restricts the use of medication for acne and seeks the solution in natural diet. This e-book contains following contents;

  • What kind of acne does a person have? Potentially what causes that specific type of acne?
  • How can that type of acne be cured?
  • Illustrations and diagrams are available where required.
  • The dirty truths about medication trap that cure acne temporarily.
  • Top ten best foods for a skin type
  • Top ten worst foods for a skin type
  • Skin clearing secret weapon that celebrities own
  • Hundreds of skin glowing tips extracted from 7 years of research
  • Breathing strategies for acne free skin
  • Relation of exercise and acne with suitable exercises
  • Answer to mostly asked queries about acne


Acne No More offers Mike Walden’s 3-month free counseling and Free Lifetime Updates with every copy of it along with the following bonus ebooks.

  • The Complete Handbook of Nature’s Cures
  • How and When to Be Your Own Doctor
  • The Healing Power Of Water


The product has come up with 100% money back guarantee without any query within sixty days of buying date.

Cons of Acne No More

  • A few parts of ebook have repetitive information.
  • It contains long description of acne causes that can bore a person.
  • It requires strict commitment.
  • It is a slow process that shows apparent improvement in 30 days.
  • Your skin can break later if you quit skin health retaining instructions of it.
  • The ebook is in PDF format only and readable only when downloaded.

Pros of Acne No More

  • It is a proven system of natural treatment of acne.
  • It improves functionality of internal systems along with skin making the user feel lighter and healthier.
  • One-to-one 24 hours free e-mail counseling with Mike Walden to get instant answers.
  • Its context is comprehensive and easy-to-understand.
  • It treats acne-related problems as well like blackheads, skin redness, acne scars, etc.
  • It is suitable for all skin types.
  • It offers a wide choice of food that would definitely not bore a person.
  • It is a cost-effective solution and carries no medication.

Is Acne No More A Scam?

No-risk 60-day 100% money back guarantee ensures that Acne No More is not a scam. It is a proven and tested system of removing acne and get a clear and glowing skin in not time.

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