Absolute Guide Against Cellulite

Cellulite effects not only on your fine looks and your smooth skin, then you will hate the whole shape of the body, if it is left to grow without hindrance. Fortunately, if you have enough concern about how to cure your cellulite then you should have to reach at least three powerful weapons that will not disappoint: balanced diet, proper exercise form and abundant moisture.

Note, you should have to use these all term, as stubborn then cellulite will not disappear with overnight endure on your hips! The solution is to deprive the life of “forbidden foods”. If you have decided to get rid of cellulite, you should know that the first step to do is to consume a healthy menu, which should be low in bad fats and more diversified, the body does not suffer from deficiencies.

What to eat:
• If you’re full, it’s time to forget the chips and cookies, to help your body to lose weight. As you have more fat, due to the more food consumption you are more prone to cellulite, so this would be the first step.

• You can consume feast with confidence of high fiber foods such as beans, whole grains, meat (free of fish), chicken and turkey (without skin).

• Citrus, pineapple, papaya and cantaloupe are rich in vitamin C and helps you to avoid water retention.

• Bananas are also welcome, but it should get used to eat in the morning.

• Pomegranate stabilizes blood sugar and it is an ideal dessert after a meal. Moreover, a large pomegranate can successfully replace a dinner, without having any significant caloric effects.

• Moderation is the key word about dairy: Choose ones with low percentage of fat, whether it’s yogurt, milk or cheese, and should be not consumed with meat!

What to avoid:
• Break-up with no regrets of sugar , you can substitute honey if you have crave.

• Say goodbye to fast food products, fizzy drinks and try to reduce as much as coffee, tobacco and alcohol!

• Stay away from meat and canned!

• Watch out for bread, especially the white flour, and say ”NO” to pastries!

• Time to get rid of the habit of consuming fatty or fried meat, because you do not bring any benefit to your health. Cook a grilled or baked, with a dash of olive and a higher proportion of water!

As day after day, wash your body impurities accumulated on the outside, so it must be clean internally through water intake needs. Consume only 1.5 to 2 liters of water on daily basis which will be able to eliminate toxins and to maintain high quality tissues. Besides, it’s great if you get used to drink juice and tea or homemade one, with the juicer, Soups with meat and low fat soups.

* Tip:
Drink a glass of warm water immediately after waking. This ancient American therapy is to encourage detoxification of the body and it is an excellent adjunct to a diet.

Eat 200 grams of pineapple at least twice a week (either fresh or canned, without added sugar). Delicious fruit stimulates the burning and thus it helps you lose weight, and also has detoxifying role.

Sports For A Body:
You’ll never get rid of cellulite without making a move! Of course, the body will motivates you for any form of movement to challenge you, but there are some who are more active in the fight against cellulite.

Let’s take them one by one:

*Swimming is the best physical activity in such an approach; it also helps a lot for your cardiopulmonary system.

*Aqua-Fitness may be less accessible, because you need to get regular pool, but it has great effect against the appearance of “orange peel” skin.

*Cycling legs work well on their length, and train bloodstream. Cycling put your muscles to work and increase the fat burning process!

*Pilates; gymnastics is a style that becomes very popular in recent years and millions of women who are performing it are already convinced of its outstanding results. Besides developing body elasticity and muscle strength, Pilates includes a full set of exercises specifically dedicated for cellulite war.

Wraps, Massage and Electrotherapy:
All three therapies will increase muscle tone, blood circulation and improves skin appearance. Wrap algae or essential oils which are among the most requested in beauty parlors with grace of visible results yet. Electrotherapy is extremely relaxing which increases muscles activity without your effort deposit. As for massage cellulite, although that is known for causing pain, seems to be most effective.

Practice walking:
Walk at least half an hour a day and two hours on weekends. Eat 400 calories per hour. Both calves and thighs will be changed with harmonious shape and it energizes with the stimulation of fat burning muscle activities and thus it will reduce cellulite.

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