Things You Need to Know in 2018 – 7 Amazing Health Benefits of Infrared Light

2018 brought with it some major innovations in technology. Infrared light in the use of the health field was one of those amazing breakthroughs. Scientists and researchers were able to harness the power of infrared light to help people with many health benefits that are not widely known yet.


Here are 7 amazing health benefits of infrared light that you may not be aware of, but may help you live your life to the best potential!

7 Health Benefits of Infrared Light

  1. Chronic pain relief – Infrared light’s technology was developed by NASA, but is now FDA approved for use in the medical field. Near infrared light therapy is used for pain relief and healing in a process known as photobiomodulation.

In this process, invisible light is transmitted to your cells, delivering energy deep into your soft tissues and muscles, relaxing them and allowing your body to experience relief from chronic pain.

  1. Increased circulation – This therapy can detox your body when used in the form of infrared sauna treatments. Because you are receiving a deep sweat without the heat of a regular sauna, your toxins are being cleaned out and your metabolism and circulation are improving. People who normally can’t tolerate the heat of a sauna can receive the benefits without the high temperature.


  1. Improved immunity – When you heat your body through infrared light, your core temperature is also increasing slowly. Raising that temperature improves your immunity and also causes your blood vessels to dilate, which increases circulation.


  1. Injury recovery – The use of infrared light has been regularly touted by sports players for years, but it has only recently become regularly used in the health field. Phototherapy can reduce pain and inflammation caused by recent injuries.


  1. Improved blood pressure – When your core body temperature slowly rises, your blood vessels are stimulated. This stimulation increases your circulation, which also increases your blood flow and heart rate and evens out your blood pressure since your heart does not have to work so hard to push the blood through your body.


  1. Improved sleep – Because the infrared light penetrates into your body and relaxes your muscles, it also releases your endorphins, or your “feel good” hormones. After regular treatments, many people have reported decreased stress and improved quality of sleep.


  1. Allergy alleviation – Allergic rhinitis is a common diagnosis for people whose immune systems seem to go haywire when exposed to allergens. However, studies have shown that when patients’ nasal areas were exposed to infrared lights for at least one week, their allergy symptoms were all improved, with no side effects.

The Verdict? Infrared Light Works!

With all of these health benefits and more, it is a wonder that infrared light therapy is only just becoming more commonly known and used in the medical field.

If you have any of these health problems or others that could be helped by the use of this amazing innovation, you may benefit from one of the many forms of infrared light treatment available today.

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