5 Ways to Treat Chronic Back Pain

In case the back pain lasts for three months or more then it is considered chronic. It could come and go and often accompanies frustration. Dealing with this could be hard, in case you do not know the reason behind it. Usually, chronic back pain is related to age; however, it could result from prior injury as well. 

Causes of Chronic Back Pain

Many people experience lower back pain. When the pain persists after surgery or injury, then it becomes chronic and it is hard to determine the source. Once the reason for the pain is determined via medical evaluation, it is easier to focus on the treatment to reduce back pain. The list of common reasons that cause back pain includes

  • Trauma

Fractures and even dislocations of the spine result in pain. Back pain that develops post-trauma needs to be evaluated medically. 

  • Arthritis

Osteoarthritis could cause issues with the lower back as well as joints in the hips. Sometimes, the space near the spinal cord narrows, and it is called spinal stenosis.  

Apart from these, muscle tension, strained muscles or ligaments, and damaged disks also cause back pain.

5 Ways to Cure Back Pain

In some cases, identifying the cause of back pain is difficult. In such cases, consider visiting a pain management clinic like ravenscrofthealth.co.uk to know the effective ways to make the pain manageable. Here are the 5 tips by experts that can help cure the chronic back pain

  • Exercise

It might seem counterintuitive while having back pain; however, the right type of movement could eliminate the discomfort. It is important to understand that not all exercises are beneficial. It is advised to avoid leg-lift, sit-ups, and toe-touch exercises. Rather, you can consider performing exercises that aid in strengthening the core and relieve back pain. Consider bringing the knee to the chest in succession, doing partial crunches, swimming, and controlled as well as slow wall-sit exercises.   


  • Stretching


Along with the other type of exercises, doing stretching exercises could reduce backache. A knee-to-chest stretch and the yoga stretch (Child Pose) could be helpful in easing the lower back pain. Stretching the piriformis muscle in your buttock could reduce tightness in the buttock as well as the lower back. While seating twisting the spine gently might help in increasing mobility. Along with these, Cat-Cow stretch and Sphinx stretch can also help by strengthening the spine. 

  • Better Sleep

Getting adequate sleep is crucial to keep the body in good shape. In case you do not get enough sleep in an appropriate position, it could lead to aches. It is advised to sleep on your back and ensure your spine stays in a neutral pose. Avoid keeping a pillow below the shoulder rather keep the pillow under your neck and head. Along with this, ensure you have the correct mattress. 


  • Use Cold or Hot Treatments


Another effective way to treat chronic back pain is cold/ hot therapy. It is inexpensive as well as easy to implement the method. With cold or hot therapy, you can easily alleviate certain kinds of aches. The selection of the type of cold or hot therapy depends on the kind of pain you are experiencing. In case you have acute pain, consider applying cold and then heat. And, when discomfort is chronic, it is advised to mild-heat continuously. 


  • Reduce Stress


High stress for a longer period could harm several aspects of health, including back. Stress could result in tension as well as straining of the back. Consider doing meditation as it is a great way to decrease stress, improve concentration, and release feel-good hormones. You can meditate in the morning for 5 to 10 minutes or before bedtime. 

Along with these, making changes in diet, maintaining a healthy weight, quitting smoking and lifestyle modification could also help. Ensure you listen to the body, accept your limitation as well as adapt accordingly.

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