4 Common triggers of Migraine

MigraineMigraine attacks often involve a prelude neurological symptom termed “aura”. It’s not the same aura as the subtle energy that surrounds one’s body.

Migraine often starts with neurological symptom called Aura. Aura is a neurological anomaly that causes confusion, dizziness, extreme sensitivity to bright light, unusual body sensations, and distorted vision, visual and auditory illusion. By few seconds or an hour, this aura may leads to full-blown migraine. The symptoms are throbbing in the one side of head that travels through the neck to the shoulder and then chest. Nausea and vomiting is another possible symptom of full-blown migraine.

Often migraine is triggered by flashing lights, scents, certain foods or by stress. There are many other different items and events that a migraine sufferer should be aware of.

Common Things and Events that Triggers Migraine Attacks


Stress includes anxiety, worry and shock. It is the most common trigger of migraine. Ironically, rapid relief form stressful situation can also trigger the migraine.


No doubt women suffer more than men with migraines. The reason is Menstruation or any variation of estrogen. These migraines are really hard to avoid.

Alcohol and Coffee

Consuming alcohol and excessive caffeine are common triggers. But quitting coffee out of the blue, may cause migraine itself. So try quitting it gradually.


Another trigger for migraine is the foods that contain MSG or Aspartame. This food acts as cell excitotixins for brain. Fermented or marinated foods like pickles, processed meats with nitrates, ripened cheese like brie and cheddar, chocolates, excessive citrus and sourdough bread should be avoided by everyone.

Migraine is also triggered by nuts and peanuts or nut and peanut butters. Sour cream, dried fruits, avocados, snow peas or fava, lima beans, and papaya are also migraine trigger for some.

It is nearly impossible to avoid all the triggers of migraine. But knowing about what may or may not trigger can help you to ease the situation. It makes sense to have a diary strategy for isolating triggers as you experience new migraine episodes.

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