3 Homes Remedies for Removing Acne Scars

Face without acne scar is really very impressive receiving appreciative remarks. Here people, especially girls, have acne scar what is not good at all and sometimes they have to face this situation for lifetime. It is very pity to say that usually this problem is due to your some of your activities what ought not to be done.

If you are willing to see yourself in the mirror, you will want to look like celebrities just like Hollywood stars. To be like them, you are to do several things what sometimes are expensive to apply. If your monthly income does not allow you doing this, you can it in the ways mentioned below which are much cheaper.0

1) Sage Leaves

You need to make a paste of sage leaves.

How to make it?

Take sage leaves and put these into a glass of boiled water. Let it be in water for half hour and after this drain it. Now add honey in this and mix well. Here, your lotion is ready to be applies. Apply it on your face to get glorious skin. you can easily make face mask for acne scars with help of sage leaves

2) Lemon Juice

Well, lemon juice is the cheapest home remedy for removing what you want to. It is very effective for removing your dead skin of face and improving your complexion. It is the oldest home remedy that is almost opted in each and every corner of all countries.

How to make it?

Take a fresh juicy lemon, squeeze it in a cup half filled with water and mix it and apply it directly on your skin with a piece of dry cloth.

3) Coconut oil

It is has been a great gift that acne scar can be removed by applying coconut oil on face. It contains lauric and the acid of capric that work wonders for your skin.

Note These Points for Best Results

Sage Leaves

  • Using it 2 times a day is good, and never try on your face more than three times.
  • Apply it on face for 10 minutes only, and more than 10 minutes is not good.
  • When you unmask it, you have to use soft cotton.
  • For getting good results, honey must not be more than a tablespoon.

Lemon Juice

  • Take a small lemon and it is supposed to be yellow.
  • Use a clean cloth for dipping in the mixture.
  • Cloth you use should be soft.
  • Apply the mixture for 2 to 3 minutes.
  • After washing face, moisturize your skin.
  • If you have dry skin, it can irritate it, so use moisturizer just after washing.

Coconut oil

  • It is like cream which moisturizes your skin.
  • Do not massage more than 3 to 4 minutes.
  • For blooming skin, you must do it 2 times a day.
  • If cold, apply it at night before going to bed but 3 to 4 drops only
  • Do not take sunbath while applying this oil on affected area.

Final world

For being like Hollywood stars, you are supposed to follow these all ways and points and make sure that you follow the tips carefully and properly.


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