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Is Nail Biting a Problem for Dental Health?

I love to keep you informed about everything related to your dental health and this time I will explain the risk to teeth when you have the bad habit of biting your nails. I have heard many people saying the following things when I ask the about why they bite nails. It is a way […]

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Top 5 Reasons to Pick India for Medical Care!

If you have been following the current affairs of this country, you will be aware that India is doing amazing in the medical tourism sector. Stats, reports and surveys have shown that the country is one of the fastest growing spots for international healthcare. With each year passing by, the number of foreign patients visiting […]

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How Is Lasik Eye Surgery Performed?

In the recent era, Lasik surgery for eyes are very much popular and due its high-efficiency different eye surgeon follows this procedure to cure the eye problems. Though the technology, which is used in this surgery is very much complex, but the success rate of this operation is very high. Basically, in Lasik surgery, different […]

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