12 Common Myths About Drug Addiction

There are lots of misconceptions regarding drug addictions and also drug addiction treatment. These misconceptions can lead to problems not only to the addict but also to the society as a whole. People mix these misconceptions with the facts and then get disappointed or suffer from their mental state. Few of these myths are described as follows.

drug addiction 

#1. Drug addiction is voluntary behavior

When a person starts to take drugs, it is voluntary for him. But with the passage of time, he gets used to it and then the behavior that emerges is not voluntary but compulsory. The behavior that compels him to take drugs is not at all voluntary.

#2. Drug addiction is nothing else but a character flaw

Drug addiction is a brain disease and it arises with the increased usage of drugs, the brain changes the way it functions. Every drug has its individual mechanism for changing how the brain functions. Regardless of which drug a person is addicted to, many of the effects it has on the brain are similar as there are changes to moods, molecules of the brain and much more. These changes have a huge effect on all the aspects of a person’s behavior. He or she will do anything for the drug.

#3. You want to have drug treatment for its effectiveness

Virtually no one wants drug treatment. People go for drug treatment only in two conditions: either they are been ordered by the court to do so or their loved ones have urged them to do so. Studies have revealed that the people who enter the drug treatment, face high pressure to confront and attempt to surmount their addiction.

#4. Treatment for drug addiction should be a one shot deal

Drug addiction is a chronic disorder. It takes time for the addict to overcome his addiction. In few cases, it may happen that the addict may quit drug at one time but usually, it is a longer period process.

#5. We should strive to find a magic bullet to treat all forms of drug abuse

As there are different types of drugs, their treatments also differ from one another. Drug addicts need an array of treatments and services designed to address their unique needs.

#6. People don’t need treatment. They can stop using drugs if they really want to

Normally, the drug addicts become addicts only after using drugs for a particular period of time, and then they cannot leave or stop using drugs. In this case, they need some medical help, and so they go for the drug addiction treatment compulsorily. One cannot stop using drugs voluntarily once he becomes an addict.

#7. Treatments do not work

Treatments help the drug addicts quit their criminal activity or such a thing. The treatment brings changes in their overall behavior pattern. Rehab Centres like Charter Harley Street give the proper treatment for the drug addiction and so they help the addict come out of his addiction.

#8. You can’t force someone into treatment

Treatment does not have to be always voluntarily. People who have become drug addicts cannot stop using drugs by themselves, so the family or the friends urge them to go for the drug treatment and help them quit the addiction.

#9. Standard treatment for everyone

There is no standard treatment for drug addiction. It always depends on the individuals and their addictions. A person may be a drug addict; but must be completely different in his behavioral pattern from the one who is also a drug addict, showing a different behavioral pattern. So, the treatments differ from one drug treatment to another.

#10. Having tried one doctor or treatment means you have tried all

Not every doctor or program may be fit for someone seeking treatment. Treatment for drug addiction differs from one doctor or program to another. So, you cannot say that all doctors or the programs are similar. Moreover, it depends on the addicts on an individual basis.

#11. Drug treatment can be completed within a week if truly motivated

Research says that it takes a minimum of 90 days to get some effect on the drug addict to make drug-free for a particular span of time. It is said that the effect of the treatment depends on the length of the same.

#12. Continuing to abuse the drugs is hopeless

No drug addict can get free from his addiction so quickly. It always takes the time to release one’s self completely from abusing drugs even after getting the treatment. Drug addicts even attempt initially to abuse drugs after treatment. It is basically a lengthy process to get completely drug-free.


Thus, there are so many myths regarding the drug addiction treatment and the truth revealed is completely different from them. Stay safe. Stay away from drugs.

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